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Eoin Thomas Sharkey
If you want to understand my story, you'll have to learn my language. • EOIN

Teaching This Thing called Yoga

You know that moment when you realize that not everyone had an underwater basket weaving class in their middle school? No? Well, apparently I went to a pretty progressive middle school where we learned yoga, tai chi, kick boxing, gymnastics, and other random disciplines that were... pretty awesome! ( I know. Sadly, not basket weaving. ) I was introduced to yoga at age 12. At the beginning it was filled with a lot of weird animal posture names and giggling about trying to put our legs over our heads. Next, it turned into a lot of reciting weird sanskrit phrases and "ohm-ing" loadly in smelly rooms. Later, I learned that yoga could not only be meditative and spiritual, but also physically strengthening, challenging, and well: SWEATY.

My sister tells me that even as a little kid I would lead little exercise classes in the yard. Smiling and laughing as I taught the neighbors how to do cartwheels. Needless to say, I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. In fact in my kindergarten yearbook I believe it says "Teacher & Actor."  The problem was deciding WHAT to teach.

I had been studying a lot of Hatha Yoga (the basic postures), Vinyasa (a flow of postures), and continued to dabble in a little Yin Yoga (a slower, restorative practice). It wasn't until 2009 when I decided to do the splits whilst inebriated [ something I don't recommend ] and of course tore the hamstrings on my right leg, that someone introduced me to a hot yoga series.

The day I took my first hot yoga class, I knew there was something about the heat that really resonated with me. During my first class, I remember saying to myself "WHEN DOES THIS END!?" And I also remember saying "This, I want to teach."

Now before I continue, I feel as though it's important to say that just because a class says "Yoga" in the title... does not mean that all yoga is going to look the same. Yoga has eight different aspects (or limbs) to it. Simply put: You've got the physical posture (asana) you're doing, the breath work (pranayama) required to physically obtain it, and that buzzing sense of energy you get after a good doing it (samadhi). You know, that yoga-drunk feeling. So, one can understand how if a teacher doesn't understand a littttttle bit more than a cyute stretch routine and a fun workout flow... while they might be teaching an difficult class, it might not be YOGA.

What is Yoga?

It's a lot of things. And as my guru said: Yoga is Everything. If you're truly wanting to learn more about the history of yoga, read the Yoga Sutras. (It's a little slow read so just start with a little at a time) My recommendation? Find a studio near you, ask the people at the front desk who their favorite teachers are, take their class, and keep coming back.

Learning what yoga means for you is going to take a willingness to be a beginner at first. As you practice, you can begin to translate your existing knowledge of exercise into something more mentally involved. All of which requires a teacher that can speak to your level, and an honesty in yourself to go slow and ask for help when you need it.

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Courtney Mace

"With just two words [Eoin] helped shift my perspective. I said I don't know what to do with my life and you replied, "do everything." It was exactly what I needed to hear. I have repeated it to myself so many times since then. I didn't realize how I was limiting myself with the unconscious belief that in choosing something all other options were off the table. You reminded me that all things are possible, always. The simplicity of your reply reminded me to not over think, to be open and to go with the flow. Thank you."


Myrna Thomas

"Eoin Thomas taught a dialogue-driven class, yet managed to make it sound all his own, with corrections & modifications to aid me when necessary.  He is a gentle and loving instructor, extremely motivating, and made me believe I can do anything, if I stay true to form.  Reminding me that it's not about the posture, it's about my body and allowing it to open/release on its own.  He's taught me to find focus and stillness within myself and not from external matter....that I have the power to calm myself down just by using my breath and not sweating the small stuff.  Words of wisdom that I take with me when I venture into the world."


Gregory Battaglia

"Eoin teaches yoga in a way that few teachers can claim- with an incredibly deep knowledge and understanding of the practice, and more importantly a commitment to each student to bring out the best that they can be. Beyond leaving you feeling like you met a superstar model, Eoin Thomas will help you to remain energized and positive throughout your class, demonstrate postures in ways you've never seen before, and push you to your limit- strengthening and stretching every part of your body. Sound like scene from a movie? It kind of feels like one. Every. Day."