In the beginning...

My name is Eoin Thomas Sharkey, a Bikram Yoga Teacher / Actor / Dancer / Singer / Performer / Entrepreneur / Friend & Socialite. Now what does that mean you might ask? Well, I’m just like the rest of you type-a, creative but often distracted twenty-two year old who is trying to make his dreams come true. But the important thing is that I am determined to make my dreams become a constant reality.

Let’s start from the beginning shall we?

2009- Moved from Seattle, WA to New York City.
- Worked at Bumble and bumble as a front desk manager.
- Fell in love.
- Got Distracted.
- Tore my hamstring.
- Got Afraid.
- Got Sidetracked.
- Started practicing Bikram Yoga

2010- A new year, a new attitude.
- Started dancing again sporadically.
- Had a wonderful time working a “day job.”
- And then quickly got sick of it.
- Quit Bumble.
- Went to Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Fall 2010- in San Diego, A 9 week program.
- Changed my life.

2011- Another new year, time for new tactics.
- Teaching Bikram Yoga Full Time.
- Trying to weave in Acting/Dancing.
- Competed in the NY Yoga Asana Championship.

Current Day
Each day that I wake up I imagine such amazing things for myself and for my future but the question is : Why in the future? What is truly stopping me from manifesting these goals right this second?

Well, It is my journey to figure that out, and create in me a creative habit by following in the footsteps of a great book by Twyla Tharp: The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life Using my creativity and drive to fuels me to continue to work efficiently and with energy towards my ambitions every single day of the year.

I will posts about my highs, my lows and every step along the way in finding my creative self in performance art.

Thank you for those who are already such an amazing support. 

Here’s to an amazing Journey!

-Eoin Thomas Sharkey