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🍹 Friday Night In. 🙆🏼‍♂️

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It’s currently Friday night, and I am SO glad to be laying in bed in sweatpants listening to podcasts.



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mumbling thru [monday].

When I arrived at work (which today, was care-taking for an 84 year old man), I was given a good ol’ dose of reality: “to stop wasting my life away.” 

Thank You, M.

Like many of us, there have definitely been times in my life where I’ve heard older people say things like “Enjoy your youth while you have it!” and I’ve thought to myself “Oh goodness that’s annoying…”*let me chug this bottle of wine and enjoy my youth*…” Today was not one of those days.

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Practicing not being perfect.

For me, perfection means: completing highly difficult or skillful tasks with ease, joy and consistency.

I say all of this, because I don’t feel perfect. I don’t feel free, joyful, or complete. I just feel as if I’d rather not start working on something if I can’t finish it to this magical expectation I have for myself. ✨🙉

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I just want to give [up].

Firstly, I just want to say: I love you all. 

Secondly, this past month has been exhausting, and WAY too many things have gone wrong. 

And thirdly,

I just want to give [up]. 

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Dealing with Grief

TBH, this week has been rough [ for a lot of reasons ]. Thankfully, there has been so many beautiful last minute events that have come together to celebrate love and acceptance. And truly, I am in awe of the support the LGBTQQAA+ community has shown each other. 💙✨🙌🏻👱🏻

That being said...

One has to ask them-self: Why doesn't this happen all the time?

Why do people always sing and support each other AFTER something bad happens. 💡✨🤔

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Highs and Lows.

I mean, something must be in retrograde right now, because I just feel as though everything is super difficult to accomplish. For instance, when I was doing the laundry last night it just haddd to be when my building's hot water heater was out of order. So, I literally had to do some of the wash twice. And then later, I made that same mistake with the dishes... ... it's hard not to get frustrated.

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You Better Work, 2016

It has been wayyyy too long since my last [confession] and I'm happy to say that it has been a busy week, and I'm inspired to keep things going. I mean, if Beyoncé can fall in the Super Bowl anything can happen, Right? 


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A Happy Friday

Lately, I've been having trouble getting started ( which you'll read more about later... ) and am often faced with becoming super energized and creative at ohhhh around midnight or so (go figure). So, I've just decided to go with it. I mean, if I'm having trouble sleeping because I have a melody for a song stuck in my head, shouldn't I just get up and write the dang song?!


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OH Hello 2016...

To be Honest, I feel like I have a lot of thoughts going on in my head right now... with today being the first Monday of 2016, it feels as if I must start things off to a good start or it'll knock the whole year off kilter... because you know, that's how life works right? [ Oh wait... ]

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New Years Resolutions

Happily back in New York just in time to celebrate New Years with some besties, I am definitely feeling re-energized and ready to go into 2016 at full force. 

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Coffee Thoughts

Well I just completely burned my tongue on my Starbucks reward beverage ( today, a triple tall 1 pump toffee nut soy latte. obvi with a sprinkle of cinnamon ) … and I am just realizing I forgot headphones... Awesome.

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Surgery Take Two - Thanksgiving Edition.

I awoke in the Hudson Crossing Surgery Center in New Jersey to my nurse asking me if I'd like a Fig Newton or a Nutri Grain bar [Nutri grain, duh] as I slowly began to be fed some water one ice cube at a time. All I want is Greg's hand to hold. I can tell that I'm out of it, and that I need to move slowly and just breathe... Oh right, mouth breathing, awesome. 

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Darkness Series : Oh Mondays...

When I'm on my own on those days where I don't feel my best, I often have a hard time getting started. And after spending almost 4 months after my knee surgery cooped up in my apartment... Let me tell you:

Depression is real.

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I thiiiiink This Post is About Music?

The good news? Everything is getting done! YAY!!! I'm doing well at auditions, I'm booking gigs every week, I've even got some vacations coming up... The Bad news? 


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LOOK UP WITH EOIN :: Let's Be Real


I was a little bit nervous in posting this week's video because it's MUCH less edited than I had originally intended it to be... but in thinking back to my last post, it felt as if the timing couldn't be more appropriate.

Over this past weekend, I spent some time in DC for the Human Rights Campaign #NationalDinner and got to meet some pretty awesome besties. But [like usual] when something goes well... something must also go terribly wrong... Watch, as you see my real reaction to when I sat down at the computer the other day. 

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Oh Mondays...

As we devoured the deep fried Oreos and a chocolate peanut butter layer cake that was to DIE for, a cowboy juggling glow in the dark balls and a sexy nurse on stilts circled around us.


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A Happy Sunday

I will FIRST say that I've definitely had Nick Jonas's new song Levels on repeat alllllllmost all day *as I start it over again...* and you should definitely put it on if you haven't already heard it. Also, right now I am currently enjoying a delicious homemade dirty martini that is hitting the spot on this lovely Funday Sunday, so thank you SO much for tuning in! [as if this is radio...

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Oh my goodness, it's been 17 days since my last [blog post] and I have no good excuse for it. Just sitting down to write has just been too freaking difficult to do right now, and I am glad to be hopping back on the bandwagon again. 

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The Day I Lost My iPhone

You know, just a sensible little bike ride with some lovely music coming from my bag in the front of the bike.


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Knee Surgery Update : Day #155

I am just so happy right now that I'm having a difficult time processing my feelings into words. I just got home a little bit ago from my first post-surgery dance class ...

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