Monday Shmonday

Good Evening Internets!

Well seeing how I had intended to write a blog entry much earlier this morning, it has clearly been a long day of things not really going the way I had planned. I am sorry to say that in all honesty, today was not the best day. I had imagined that I would have awaken and gotten right to work on a big list of things in my life. I went to bed before midnight and kept my windows open in hope of being awoken by the sun. However, either there was a heavy dose of clouds or I simply laid in bed way too long before I actually got up. Well maybe both... I got started later than I was expecting and this always seems to bother me. 

It's funny because I think that most people would consider me a morning person. Perhaps I just try not to be a bitch in the morning. 😝 I keep having these days where I sleep in way later than I wanted to and then end up working way too late into the evening. [ahhh the joys of making your own schedule] . In all reality, it's as if I'm living in the wrong time zone or something right? lol It's just frustrating when I always spend the day depressed about not getting anything done and then finally get motivated around midnight. [Hmmmm should I start scheduling all my important work at midnight now?  I wonder if that would be more effective?...] But really, does anyone else have trouble getting things started? It sometimes feels like I have a million things to do and am not sure which one I should start with. But if you wait too long, time will pick for ya! So, I end up making lists of things, and prioritize which is the most important. 

For an artist, everything is important. I am working on so many projects all at once right now and it's simply too easy to put work off because I'm not in the mood, or because I'm hungry and let time just slip by. 

Okay, Okay. So things aren't so horrible...

I guess I just find it nice sometimes to reflect on my day and realize that it just wasn't the best, and that that's okay. Plus, tomorrow is a new day. Heck. better yet, right now is a new moment! (yep, we got deep there). It's never too late to start from scratch again. ;) 

If You Don't Know What to Do With Your Life

Do Everything.

I love you all. Have a great night. 🌜

<3 - Eoin Thomas