LOOK UP WITH EOIN :: Let's Be Real


I was a little bit nervous in posting this week's video because it's MUCH less edited than I had originally intended it to be... but in thinking back to my last post, it felt as if the timing couldn't be more appropriate.

Over this past weekend, I spent some time in DC for the Human Rights Campaign #NationalDinner and got to meet some pretty awesome besties. But [like usual] when something goes well... something must also go terribly wrong... Watch, as you see my real reaction to when I sat down at the computer the other day. 

If You've Ever Lost Something On Your Computer, You Know What I'm Talking About.


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As you can see, it was a whirlwind of a day. And d of course when I got on the phone with Greg that day he was about to go into a meeting and I had already started recording my video when I realized what had happened. So I hope you enjoyed seeing some good ol' reality


I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day & don't forget to check in next week for Part 2. 😉



<3 - Eoin Thomas