🍹 Friday Night In. 🙆🏼‍♂️

For me it’s currently Friday night, and I am SO glad to be laying in bed in sweatpants listening to podcasts.

TBH, I was on my way to meet up with friends at Veggie Grill and maybe go dancing a little… and when I got to the restaurant realized my friends were at … Fresh Corn Grill 🤦🏼‍♂️ ( obviously, a completely different restaurant). So, I sat down for a moment, got on twitter, and low and behold saw my own tweet:



(to clarify, I often schedule in advance positive messages to both myself and the world that post on my facebook page and twitter,

because who even has time to remember to say nice things to themselves throughout the day?! 😉)

So with a paumplemouse La Croix in hand, I am happily in the comfort of my own bedroom living my best life. And sure, I definitely sat there frustrated and wanting to escape from reality (I mean, why else do people go on twitter?) I then took a deep breath and did what I like to do when I can’t make decisions: I play the tape. I’ll imagine myself in either scenario. (I find it best to focus on the facts, rather than how I might feel, since external circumstances can quickly alter feelings). I knew that if I was already frustrated and hungry, then driving across town, looking for parking, arriving an hour after everyone else already got their food … was just a recipe for wanting to dance my problems away and stay up way too late. Next, I imagine what it might look like to go home. There’s comfy clothes, theres music I’M in control of, there’s free parking? It was an obvious win.

I say all of this, because sometime I don’t know what “the right” decision is. And frankly it doesn’t really matter. The point is that I have the power to make that decision, and it is pretty sweet that I’m starting to HALT, take a breath, and figure out what’s best for ME (rather than feed my frustrations with failures).

I will also admit, and I know… when I hear the words “Positive Affirmation,” I just want to change the channel, but who is to say that affirmations have to be these big life goals shouted from the top of a mountain?? Well no one. What I’m learning is that I say a lot of things to myself, and my mind is prettttty good at perfecting negative affirmations like “this sucks,” “I wish this didn’t happen,” or “I dont wanna do this." Tonight, I got to practice some simple and positively affirmative thoughts like “it’s okay,” “you get to drive home now,” and “this will be fun.” Little words of encouragement to keep myself from spiraling downward.


Who knows, maybe I’ll just start tweeting myself full-on voice memos from the future?

Honestly, that sounds like fun…

All I know is that I’m glad that I was able to decipher the good thoughts vs the not so helpful thoughts, tonight. I’m curious to know if any of you do anything similar when you face road blocks in your life? Do you have post-it notes all over your car to keep you thinking positive thoughts? Do you have “Find Joy” Tattooed accross your wrist? Or do you just naturally think “I can do this” every second of the day? Let me know what works for you. 💌

But First,

Know that I believe in you, and that

You don’t have to do anything special for me to love you.


<3 - Eoin Thomas