Starting from [scratch].

Well Hellllooo There.

It's pretty strange to me that its been almost two years since my last blog post. 

If I'm being honest with myself, I just had to step away from creating and documenting everything in my life to figure out what story I'm actually wanting to tell.

So First,

Let's catch you up a little bit:

  1.  I moved to Los Angeles, CA on January, 13th 2017. (Yes, it was a friday. Yes, it was intense.)
  2.  I've moved 8 time since I've moved and have gotten more & more efficient at packing up my life. 
  3.  I have been single for quite some time now, and am happily in a committed relationship with myself (because showing up for myself is difficult enough some days).
  4.  Since June 9th, 2017 I have been drug and alcohol free and it has been a wonderful addition ( or subtraction? ) to my life. 
  5.  I live on the east side of LA in a house with 10 other guys, which honestly SHOULD be a reality series, but I am kind of glad it's not.
  6.  I bought a car, turned 29, and have a surprisingly awesome support group in LA. 
  7.  I've continued to pursue Acting & Modeling when time allows for it, but have also been focusing on many other endeavors including: event production, website & logo design, house management, and yes... ubering. lol
  8.  While I'm still filming and documenting my daily life, I'm beginning to recognize that spending hours on end posting my life in real time... is energy that I'd rather be spending writing letters to congress. ( and, like, it's way harder to post daily content when you don't have that built in travel time to do it! )
  9.  I'm SO glad I moved back to the west coast, am on the same time zone as my family, and yes... have more sun in my life.

"But who cares, 

No big deal.

I want More."

Yeah, ME TOO. 

One of the most amazing things about living in California is that things move just a tad bit slower here. 

Perhaps because the city is a bit more spread out? Perhaps because more people are stoned all the time? Most likely, because just "happening to run into someone on the street" happens much less often here (and I kind of love it).

One of my favorite artists says it best:

Do you want to look fancy? Live in a big mansion? Party in France?
You’d better Work, Bitch.
— Britney Spears #duh

For Realsies. 💁🏼‍♂️✨

In managing a couple friends' airbnbs, and cleaning houses to make extra money. I get to clean up after people that live in these HUGE houses in the Hollywood hills. And while going from having a cleaning lady of my own in midtown manhattan to cleaning up after Saudi Arabian royalty in an AirBnB was a bit of a ...shock... It's very clear that if I have this idea that I'll one day have 1. My own house and/or 2. A house with a view of a city (or even more realistic... without ten other housemates). I'm gonna have to work just a LITTTTTTTLE bit harder than posting videos of myself doing yoga in the park every day. 😜

So, needless to say... life has been good for me. Each day has been a step in the right direction. 

And as I sit here in the Glendale Library listening to my stomach grumble for lunch, I think that this is where I'll end this post for today.

But Frist,

Know that I believe in you, and support whoever you want to be.


💙 - Eoin Thomas