Thank Goodness for Music.

👋🏻👱🏻 Happy Monday World.

I will say that I was definitely ready for a fresh start this week. After all the drama last weekend with the Orlando Massacre, it was pretty difficult for me to stay focused. Really, 'Tis a great reminder to breathe and enjoy life more, but sometimes it just SUCKS to not be happy.... To have wanted to do one thing, but get stuck spending your time on something else...



After my knee surgery, it became more and more apparent that the structure of a job was something that helped me get my own projects done in the past. I needed to find a job that was in the evenings and that would allow me to travel to castings during my days off. So, I thought I'd try working in a somewhat new environment to help supplement my income, and fuel my passions. And not too long ago I finally started a new "day job" bartending at a restaurant in Manhattan... and though I won't tell you where exactly [ because that that would ruin the surprise... 💁🏼✨ ] even though I'm suuuure you could probably find it somewhere on the internet if you really wanted to.... But truly, working in a restaurant is hard, and not in the ways that you would think...

I love interacting with the clientele, and I DO make delicioussss cocktails, but goodness some establishment just do NOT know hot to cross-communicate.... and sometimes it really sucks going into work for something that's not actually your passion.

So, needless to say... it's been quite taxing. 

Really, I will always be happy to work wherever I am, and I wholeheartedly believe that drama should be left at the door so that customers can receive the best experience... but sometimes you're just stuck in an environment where you're working with people that really don't want to be there.... A.K.A. They probably have better sh*t to do than serve unhappy customers... And I get it, dealing with cranky customers can be... tiring.... but having worked in the service industry all my life. It's really not THAT hard... it just takes teamwork.

On my days off, I'm still adjusting to standing at a bar for 10-11 hours, and am often sore after my shifts and have to ice my legs... Thankfully, I'm keeping up with my physical therapy, and doing a pretty good job at resting my body when I can, but 'tis really just all an adjustment....


I just feel like i'm trying to do 100 things at once... and its finally starting to work!


Something that always helps me get through these difficult times, is music. And so [ before I leave for work ] I will leave you with the music that got me through last week. 'Tis is a treble heavy mix of some songs that are sure to get you out of a funk. 

Turn up the volume, Turn down the lights, and...

💙 Dance the Pain Away.

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<3 - Eoin Thomas

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