Sick Day. : Easter Edition

That's right, you heard it. I'm Sick. I was feeling okayyyy last night, but I unfortunately woke up at about 4 AM this morning with the Cold Sweats. [ Wait, Hot Sweats? Cold Sweats? Okay, Let's Be Real, it was probably just the Meat Sweats... ] After an amazing week of auditions and photoshoots last week, I was clearly doing a lot more talking and singing than I've been used to in a while. And this, paired with me laughing and cheering a little too loudly at Paige Turner (a drag queen in New York)'s Easter Show... had apparently left me voiceless by the end of Friday night. 

Because when you're sick on easter, you should totes have some tea. 💁🏼✨ #duh

I don't even know the last time I lost my voice... I think it was probably in high school? I remember right before I did Peter Pan senior year that I got a horrible case strep throat, and could barely sing. Yeah, THAT was fun timing. lol For some reason, losing my voice always reminds me of my friend Patrick. :P He used to always love losing his voice in high school where he would then proceed to play around with all the weird voices he could make. hahaha Oh P-Track...


I woke up this morning feeling even more congested and runny [ because yes, apparently you can be both... ] and figured it was best if I take it easy... So, I called and cancelled my physical therapy appointment for later today and attempted to fall back asleep. Whiiiiiich felt like it was almost impossible.


Now, I'm enjoying some soup and sudafed as I try not to let myself do too much work.  I just finished editing a video timelapse of the ANTM recreation I produced, and now for some reason I'm feeling very tempted to clean my apartment a little, but kind of feel like crafting sounds like fun.

Because yes, this is what I do on sick days...

💁🏼✨ hehehe

Even though I'm feelin' under the weather today, I did actually have a fabulous weekend. As I mentioned, I went and saw Paige Turner's Easter Eggs-travaganza! and just had SO much fun. The show had moments from Godspell, the Sound of Music, and even a little ode to The Producers with "Springtime for Donald." ✨😜 AKA. It was a riot. 💁 Many of the lyrics in the show were changed to comment on lgbtq culture, and it was so clever that the audience couldn't help themselves from joining in. Obvi, I totes recommend seeing their next show. <3

Eoin Thomas Sharkey and Jackie Cox

Paige Turner and Eoin Thomas Sharkey


Then on Easter Sunday, Greg and I citibiked up to Zabar's [ which I'll admit felt a little weird to be going to on Easter.... even though LBR, the Jews definitely make the best prosciutto #amiright? #itsnotracistifitsafact ] heheh It was beautiful to get out of the house and bike by Central Park. We used to live up near the Natural History Museum, so it was nice to spend some time in my old neighborhood ( ...and spend $60 on olives and prosciutto ✨🙉 ) .


I myself totally failed to even dye easter eggs this year, and I'm kind of okay with it... (Even though clearly there's nothing holding be back from dyeing them this week... I'm probably just going to eat them at this point. 😜 ) So, I was happy to be invited to share the task of dinner with a group of nine amazing people. The food was delicious, the drinks were amazeballs, but honestly, do you know what the best part of the evening was? The fact that it wasn't just one person doing all of the cooking, but the entire group was all helping out with their own part of the dinner. We all know how it feels to have a dinner party where no one pitches in to help... The joy in the room was palatable and Boy, does love and patience make ham taste delicious.


And well, now I'm feeling effing exhausted, and I've got a date with my vaporub. So, I'll leave you with some photos from our #TotesMasc Easter D inner. <3


Thanks for being amazeballs
I Love You All. 


<3 - Eoin Thomas


P.S. If you don't know who designed my sweatshirt, you obvi need to meet @HeyRooney. 💕✨ #duh 


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