Oh, Hello Love.

Happy Valentine's Day.

errr i mean, happy president's day?

[ whatever... ]

I myself have just spent the past hour trying to upload my photos from this weekend onto my computer, and of course my USB port keeps rejecting it and disconnecting my phone... YAY technology, oh how useful you are to me... ugh. Though, not to worry, I already uploaded photos that Greg sent me from his phone. #thankgoodness. 


But, you like didn't even text me "happy valentine's day"?? 💁✨💌


You either love it, or you hate it.

I myself have only been single on Valentine's Day once in my life ( errr well, since middle school i'm 98% sure that's the case? ) And yes, I will agree, it is not as much fun to celebrate a day of love and gift-giving when you're alone. But LBR, it's just a holiday. Truly, you can make of it what you wish! For goodness sake, buy yourself a valentine, or have a craft night and make YOURSELF a card. [ Really, to me it sounds like a good time for a little retail therapy, but oh well... 💁🏼✨ ]

As my Uncle John used to tell me:

You get as much out of a holiday as you're willing to put in to it. 


I wanted this weekend to be fun, but didn't want to give Greg some dumb gift. So (in true Eoin fashion) we ended up spending even more money than we probably would have originally spent... by doing something "simple". #oops

There was talk around the internets of a stupid cyute party in Brooklyn that seemed way worth the trek thru the Arctic tundra [ wait, where's Brooklyn? 💁✨]. T'was like the party in the valley from Clueless, we know it would be cute, but didn't want to ruin our dress. And of course, right when we finally started to put on our glitter eyeliner, the pre-sale tickets went out of stock... 😫

[ #firstworldproblems at their finest. ] 

So, we failed to order the tickets in time, we're already running a bit [fashionably] late, and we still have a good 45 minute train ride ahead of us followed by a 10 minute walk thru the icy abyss... 

It's these moments in life it always makes me wonder: Am I just supposed to give up at stay at home? 

Luckily, a sleeveless tank was born, an uber was ordered, and we even managed to arrive in time to make use of the two hour open bar. 💙#ThanksObama

Because everyone LOVES NY. ♥️

The party? The Hello Mr. Valentine's Day soirée titled: 

Hello Love.

Ups. Downs. Promises. Apologies. Prettiness. Ugliness.

The venue? Verboten [ which literally just kept reminding me of Rasputent from Anastasia, so clearly we went home and netflix and chilled to that afterwards... ]: A warehouse style space complete with a giant disco ball in the center of the dance floor, and of course, an instagram-worthy photo booth area with an epic designed floral display by Keeping up with the Putnams.

All in all, the night was amazeballs. There were lots of cyute looks, and the DJ kept us dancing the night away. It was one of those events that had a perfect mix of music and mingling, and the photo booth forced us to interact and work together to help each other get that perfect photo (and plenty of blurry ones too 😜).  After about 12:30PM, the lights started to go down and the volume went up and Boy, Love was in the air.

In the uber home, it was ever so apparent that even though sometimes the evening doesn't work out exactly the way you've planned, you might still love it


So, if you're feeling down next valentine's day, just buy yourself some glitter and lube, and LOVE YOURSELF. ( maybe not in that order... )

A Big Thanks to Fran and the team at Hello Mr. for a fabulous start to our Valentine's Day. ❣

I love you all. 

LEFT TO RIGHT:  Peter Sundry ,  Javier  G.,  Greg Battaglia , Eoin Thomas Sharkey, and  Bagel Brian . 😘✨  Because you just  have  to end with a group photo. 💁✨📷Photo by  Daniel Seung Lee .

LEFT TO RIGHT: Peter Sundry, Javier G., Greg Battaglia, Eoin Thomas Sharkey, and Bagel Brian. 😘✨

Because you just have to end with a group photo. 💁✨📷Photo by Daniel Seung Lee.


- Eoin Thomas <3