A Happy Friday


Ummm don't you mean Saturday💁✨

I must say that I haven't posted a blog entry in a while because I've been struggling with writing a part two to my darkness series and quite frankly, I'm needing to give it a break. It's just been too harrrrd to write about all the negative aspects of my life and not let it storm over the rest the day. So, let's change the topic, shall we? ✨😉

The energy in New York this Friday morning was night and day from what it was on Monday. Emerging from the spell of my warm cocoon this morning took everyyything out of me today, but once I finally got outside I was so refreshed by how energizing it felt to get out of the house. I've still been operating in the wrong time zone ever since I got back from Seattle. And while I'm still not quite sure if I'm a morning person or an evening person... I simply forgot how happy it makes me feel to accomplish something in the morning

Food for thought (courtesy of englishclub.com).

At this point I have spent most of my life working crazy early mornings, and I'm a little conflicted on how I want to continue living my life. Just to paint you a picture, for the past couple of years I used to wake up at 4:15 AM three times a week to make myself breakfast and pack my bag full of dance clothes. I would then travel across manhattan to teach yoga for the other early birds, followed by my favorite meal of the day: Second Breakfast. This of course was then followed by what often felt like a whole other full day of dancing, auditions, and well, more eating. During college, I used to wake up at 3 AM at to get to the Denny/Aurora Starbucks just in time to open the store for people in dire need of some coffee. [ And by wake up, I mean sleep through my alarm, and run to my car. Or you know, at the times where most people were leaving the club and going home, I'd be going straight to work... really good choices 18 year old Eoin... ] Needless to say, I've had my fair share of early mornings. I have tasted exhaustion to it's full extent, and let me tell you: We need sleep.

The hardest part about getting up early has nothing to do with the morning, instead it is all about what time you actually go to bed. Which of course, most of the time that I worked at Starbucks I was dating someone that worked the night shift at TJ's, so they would get off work at around 12:30-1AM and then we'd hang out [ Again... reallly good choices Eoin... ]. 

All that being said, even though it was often quite difficult to wake up before the sunrise, it really did feel SO GOOD to wake up early and just get sh*t done! And if anyone was complaining about being tired... it would be like...

Ya... well I woke up at 4AM... So... what's your excuse again? " 💁✨

[ because clearly life is a contest...

Lately, I've been having trouble getting started ( which you'll read more about later... ) and am often faced with becoming super energized and creative at ohhhh around midnight or so (go figure). So, I've just decided to go with it. I mean, if I'm having trouble sleeping because I have a melody for a song stuck in my head, shouldn't I just get up and write the dang song?!


There have been so many times in my life where moments before I was about to fall asleep a brilliant idea would spark in my head. And even though most of the time I will get up and write these ideas down, finding a time when I'm actually in the mood to pick them back up again has been... tricky. While I'm not sure if I'd recommend staying up until three in the morning writing music every day, but if your schedule allows you to still get enough sleep afterwards, what is really the issue?

I don't know, The one thing I do know is that when I start my day at 11AM, it doesn't feel as good. I feel like I'm wasting the morning... and when I go on vacation I often wake up with the sunrise and it's something I don't even think about much. Getting up earlier today just felt better. I'm not quite sure why, but I'm just going to keep playing this game. Because, who knows?

Maybe I might Win

Night and day.

Get Out of My Way, Jonas.

I love you all.

<3 - Eoin Thomas