Oh Mondays...


T'was a fabulous Sunday dinner with the boys at Lavo last night, where your dinner is complete with lightsabers, burlesque dancers, and free shoulder massages [ you know, just btw ].  ✨👌🏻'Tis a hidden gem that I think most New Yorkers would say is a little bit too loud to truly enjoy your food... but let's be honest, this restaurant is not wanting you to focus on your food (at least on Sundays). 

As we devoured the deep fried Oreos and a chocolate peanut butter layer cake that was to DIE for, a cowboy juggling glow in the dark balls and a sexy nurse on stilts circled around us.


Pin-up peacock feathered girls, and seven-foot tall men in drag take turns turning heads on the small stage right above our table. As we gossiped about which dancers were our favorites over martinis [ with extra olives. #duh ] it was definitely one of those moments where I realized things like this just only happen in New York. And for some reason, it worked. T'was a place I'd recommend for people who are wanting dinner, a spectacle AND amazing service [ but not for those who scare easily from a little nipple tassle or two ].

To say the least, I am very thankful for remembering to hydrate last night. 😉

In other news,

Today started off with some physical therapy, and singing, which was a lovely way to wake up. This weekend I have fallen in love with the magic of Post Modern Jukebox. So, being the easily inspired individual that I am, I spent the morning working on a few different covers that I can't wait to share with you soon. :) Writing out harmonies for pop favorites whilst sipping some iced espresso.... not a bad Monday.


Well, 'tis time to continue being productive.... but I hope that you have had a wonderful start to your week!

Call Me, Maybe.

<3 Eoin Thomas