A Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday Y'all!

I will FIRST say that I've definitely had Nick Jonas's new song Levels on repeat alllllllmost all day *as I start it over again...* and you should definitely put it on if you haven't already heard it. Also, right now I am currently enjoying a delicious homemade dirty martini that is hitting the spot on this lovely Funday Sunday, so thank you SO much for tuning in! [as if this is radio...

Today was a lot of catching up on ish and vegging out at it's finest. With most of the morning spent watching [an amount that I would like to remain unknown...] episodes of Sex and the City it was nice to get some good ol' TV therapy. (Currently on Season 3, you know, in case you're an addict like me). SUCH great drama. :P

And this afternoon was spent catching up with the amazing Madeline whilst shopping at Whole Foods for olives for said martini (and other things obvs) and was thoroughly reinvigorated about being in New York. Within the ten blocks of walking to the store and back we ran into a handful of friends by random happenstance, which is always just SO New York. *☝🏻👱🏻It should be noted that in New York, you should never expect to run errands without running into SOMEONE. One just never knows when you're going to run into to someone in this city, and it is such an awesome thing. 

Now, getting ready to make another delicious blue apron meal [and probs another martini let's be honest...] the weekend is sadly start to feel like it's coming to a close. And with September just around the corner, is it for sure a week about staying on track and gettish ish done. This week I am jumping back on the youtube train and starting to edit through the hours of video footage from my trip. So look forward to a new video this Friday. :)) 

Otherwise, my knee is doing SO much better and am finally starting to be able to tolerate REAL exercise again. I've still got a ways to go before my right leg is as strong as my left leg again, but I am for sure taking full advantage of the health care I pay for and am happily getting weekly massages and seeing my physical therapist twice a week. Yay for lots of hard work! 

And with that, it is time for dinner!

Along with FINALLY getting around to watching The Theory of Everything, which I am really excited about. :) 

I hope you have an amazing rest of your evening and a great start to your week.

Happy Sunday

Sunday Funday Shopping.

Oh, and dont forget to LOOK UP. 😉

<3 - Eoin Thomas

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