Back in New York :: ALL OR NOTHING.

oh em gee, hi!! πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ‘±πŸ»

P.S. I'm back in New York!

(as if you know i left...)

I have been on vacation for the past two weeks [ hence why I didn't post anything for the past couple weeks... I'll get better at this I swear. 😜] and am definitely having the feels being back in New York again. I went Seattle, WA to visit my bestie for her wedding day, my other bestie[s] in Tacoma, WA and then down to Bend, OR [ *queue Pocahontas soundtrack* ] for my grandparent's 60th anniversary! It was such a wonderful time on the west coast, and I can safely say that I really do miss the open air.

Just around the river bend!βœ¨πŸ™‹πŸΌ

Driving around Washington, I began to notice all of the scenery I simply took for granted when I lived there. I forgot how many mountains were on the west coast and was happy to get to enjoy them in our travels. (plenty of good photos/video footage to come, don't you worry.)

Now, being back in New York, I am definitely missing the freedom of making my own schedule... oh wait. [ I make my own schedule here too...😁 ] I feel such an energy shift from when I was on vacation; where I woke up with the sunrise almost every morning, got up and went to the gym before everyone else was awake, and made sure to have breakfast right away. Something I just still have such a hard time doing in the morning in New York: Getting Started.

So as I transition back into working efficiently as the summer nears its end [ I know, I know, I shouldn't talk about it... but it's real!! ]  I am practicing to try to not be so...


Meaning, that just because one thing in my life doesn't work out, it doesn't mean that the rest is a bust. I want to keep encouraging myself to stay positive even when the task at hand seems too overwhelming. In this, I am practicing to take each moment step by step and be nice to myself in this process. [ Oh the process... ]


Join me, in Practiging something simple:

  1. Take out your phone (and turn it on airplane mode πŸ˜‰).
  2. Set a timer for one minute. 
  3. Sit in a comfortable position with your eyes open or closed. [Make a choice.]
  4. Take slow, inhales and exhales out your nose. 
  5. As you inhale, think: "Thank" and as you exhale, think "You." 
  6. Start your timer. ✨

Thank You.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below! πŸ˜Šβœ¨

And Now,

It is time for some more Yoga with the fabulous mr. Nick. :) I hope you enjoyed this fun little exercise and a brief look into my week. I look forward to catching you all up to my vacationing soon!

Have a great night!

<3 - Eoin Thomas



[it's all a bit blurry.]