The Day I Lost My iPhone

Well this Tuesday sure was a FANTASTIC day. 🙈

[I'm hoping the sarcasm there is coming thru loud and clear...]

So here it goes:

It was about 3:45 PM in Hell's Kitchen and I was already running a little bit late for a physical therapy appointment across town. Luckily, I just purchased a Citi Bike membership and was so happy to see a new PRIDE bike waiting for me right outside my building, so I jumped on with my beats pill blasting some Bjork {a little odd for bike riding I realize} and am on my way. You know, just a sensible little bike ride with some lovely music coming from my bag in the front of the bike.


Well I did enjoy some music, and a lovely little ride through Hell's Kitchen... for about 3 blocks. I quickly realized that my bag was no longer playing music and that my bag had tipped over. Trying to be as positive as possible, I reach into my bag expecting to find my iPhone three different times, each time getting slightly more frantic. Knowing that I was already running late for my appointment, I circled back around to look for my precious. 

As I walked my Citi Bike on the sidewalk back up 9th AVE I searched every drain and crevice for my phone, hoping that someone had thought to pick it up and wait around for an owner. At this point, being that I legitimately dropped my phone within three blocks of realizing it, I was quite hopeful for a seamless recovery. I searched, I went around the block again, I went back to my apartment to make sure I didn't drop it when I picked up the bike... Well... They're probably just going to drop it off at my apartment...

And now on to stage TWO of loss: Someone definitely picked up my phone, and just effing took it. Quite ridiculous, being that my phone case has a wallet attached to it [which I actually would still recommend...] and they could have very easily talking my ID out of my wallet, seen that my address is two blocks away, and gone to return it to my door man. Like, really, isn't that the right thing to do?

It's hard not to give up hope on humanity in moments like that. I kept wanting to believe that whoever took it would turn it in or call saying they'd bring it back the next day, but no. And at 48 hours now, I'm callin' it full on STOLEN. Of course this would happen right after pride, and right after writing down a lot of notes for some great ideas in my phone... so plenty of irreplaceable things are just  gone. You know, besides my credit card, and ID, and all that fun stuff. 

So basically, the past two days have been the joys of calling AT&T to set up my skanky old iPhone 4S to work again, going into the ATT store because for some reason I need a new sim card [ Yay Technology! ], and canceling and re-ordering new credit cards and IDs ( all in between day-dreaming that they would just call...). Really just the most exciting of tasks known to human existence. 


Okay, Okay... So this is a full on case of [the?] first world problems...

The good news? I did eventually find my phone that day.

"Out there, there's a world outside of Yonkers... "

The bad news? It's in Yonkers. 🙈

They took it, and ran. 

I guess I just hope the person that took it needs it... ... though I did erase it and deactivate it at this point... so really it's just a brick of technology now. Oops. 💁


Through all of this, it's kind of been good to be unplugged for a couple of days. I am beginning to think that I rely too much on my phone. So, while I could have picked a better way to learn this, it was a nice opportunity to be more present with the real world again...😜

Well, folks. 

I hope we can at least all take this as a lesson to always fully close your bag when your biking. And if you do find a phone, you best find a way to return it to the owner. ☝🏻👱🏻

Have a Happy Thursday. <3




It is legit insane that this happens RIGHT after I finished writing this post, but whatever at least now we get a happy ending, right? :P Greg just called saying that there’s two men downstairs and that the doorman just called saying they have my phone. 

Ummmm first of all, crazy sketch they didn’t just give it to my doorman. Second of all…they're clearly wanting something out of this. 

I went down to greet them with smiles and open arms, and was so thankful to have gotten my phone back complete with my wallet and all its contents and everything! Though of course, I have already used Find my iPhone to erase my phone... 🙈 And if that's not bad enough, I’ve already contacted AT&T to cancel my phone. Yay for being proactive!  But thankfully, I found a way to backup my phone before it got erased:

PRO TIP: When you erase your iPhone using iCloud's Find My iPhone feature it does not actually erase the information until you connect your device to a WiFi Network. So technically, the phone can still be used as like a very expensive iPhone Touch 💁 if you just always keep it from connecting to a WiFi Network. However, whenever you do connect to WiFi, whether you’ve used your phone or not, it WILL erase everything. There is NO way to reverse this, Just to delay it… 😉

Truly, it is a miracle that I got my phone back. A miracle that will not get overlooked. I am whole-heartedly thankful to not have to save up for a $600 piece of technology that I don’t need and have instead had an opportunity to restart with a clean and fresh iPhone.... errrrr outlook on life. 

So in Closing (For REAL this time),

I say: Resist the urge to give up on humanity and do the right thing, BECAUSE KARMA IS REAL.

I love you.

<3 - Eoin Thomas 


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