Getting out of "Vacation-Mode"

I'm baaaaaaaack. 👋👱

Yes that's right, I have finally resumed life again after being in Florida this past week. Monday, I spent most of the morning going through the millions [ okay, probably just thousands... ] of e-mails I had received while I was on vacation - Always one of the most thrilling activities... as I'm sure your know... Then on Tuesday, I spent most of the day uploading and categorizing all of my footage from the vacation. Followed by beginning the rough edit for some more youtube videos coming soon! We spent the weekend in Miami, and then had 4 days in Orlando. a.k.a We has some pretty amazing times last week and I can't wait to show you a little glimpse into our vacation shortly. :)

[ what doing the laundry actually looks like]

Today, it has been about getting the house back into order. Being that this morning I realized there was very little edible food in the apartment to make breakfast with, it seemed as if it was about time for some grocery shopping. Having survived the trip to Trader Joe's I'm now in the process of doing laundry [ which really just means that I have all our clothes organized in cold/warm wash piles and should just go put them into the wash instead of blogging about it ... ... *goes and puts clothes in the wash*  ... gosh that took longer than I wanted💁 ]. I'm also now playing Tetris with our suitcases in an attempt to fit them back into our closet. Oh New York, I am certainly lucky to have laundry in my building, however I await for the day where I have a real washer and dryer in my living space again....

#firstworldproblems - I know, I know...

In other neues,

Last night I had the privilege to attend an informative talk back at the NeueHouse with Fern Mallis and Tyson Beckford (important people in the fashion industry, in case their names don't ring a bell) where we got to watch them talk about some important issues going on in the fashion industry as well as countless words of inspiration for anyone pursuing the arts. 

It was interesting to learn more about the development of Fashion Week in New York and how they started out more scattered around the city (and fairly unorganized at that), and how through the leadership of Fern Mallis different designers instead began to work together and co-inhabit the same space. Thus, giving birth to Bryant Park, the elite party of parties that housed almost all of fashion under one roof. It thrived off the surrounding prey: the press. Sadly an event with such magnitude could only be accomplished with the sponsorship of companies like GM and Mercedes Benz, companies who have a tendency to make it more about the press and shareability of the event rather than the designs themselves. Giant corporations and artists more often than not just do not get along, and having an addicting cycle of attracting the media and celebrity attention to each event, paired with the struggle of continuing to keep their loyal fashionistas happy makes it a tricky thing to do.

It is hard to deny this truth: that the way we communicate now with social media [ god, i hate that phrase... ] has in fact changed the world forever. For the better? Most likely, but a lot still aren't quite so sure. On one side, you have the artists, who are trying to produce new pieces of art that show a story or inspire others or you know, just make really fucking fabulous clothes because they're good at it. 💁). And in contrast it seems more and more as though the sponsors of these events are more concerned with who's at the event and how it can get the best live coverage rather than what works are in front of them and how to provide the best possible experience for guests in the room. Quite a topic to hear two people in the industry discuss, complete with local designers pitching in their own opinions. 

Today, with Fern having moved on to pursue her own career quite some time ago (around the same time Fashion week made it's transition to Lincoln Center) and now with New York Fashion Week's contract at Lincoln Center expiring, they have ironically decided to go back to having a more scattered and perhaps sporadic approach to fashion week. In April, NYFW announced it's return to to downtown manhattan in an effort to "[stay] close to inspirational hubs for fashion, art and music" ( Hopefully, some nearby venues will continue to open up so the models and stylists aren't getting double-booked on simultaneous shows across town and we can have yet another fabulous fashion week this year. You can do it IMG!  👱👍

In Conclusion,

I've finally finished (well almost) folding the laundry, and Greggers is happily dosing off on my shoulder so it seems like a good time to sign off. [ as if this is AOL or something... ] I hope that you have a wonderful rest of your evening and an awesome rest of your week.


<3 - Eoin Thomas


P.S. Oh and definitely check out the NeueHouse if you live in NYC. It's an awesome creative work space for artists and people in the industry. Plus, their events are pretty cool too. ;)