#LoveWins - Look Up with Eoin Miami Part 2

[ p.s. I made this design, in case that wasn't clear... ;) ]

Wow. It is simply remarkable that now all 50 states of America recognize same-sex marriage. 

I am filled with joy, tears, and love.

It seems like just yesterday Greg and I were celebrating New York's marriage equality, and I am just so happy to see things continuing to move forward as quickly as they have. Tonight, it is certainly the night to visit the west village and celebrate with everyone outside of the Stonewall Inn. So, if you are in New York City I hope to see you on Christopher Street tonight!

And well, In other news:

Here is the second installment of LOOK UP WITH EOIN (my visual vlog-style representation of my life) and hope you enjoy Part 2 of Greg and I's trip to Miami! :)

LOOK UP WITH EOIN :: Miami :: Part 2

(Don't forget to watch it in 1080p!)

Oh, and incase you missed PART ONE.  ✌️

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I hope that everyone in New York has a safe and splendid Pride Weekend. <3

Happy Pride

Happy Friday,

<3 - Eoin Thomas