Knee Surgery Update : Day #155

Day 155

Well hello there internets!

yess dance belt. :P

I am just so happy right now that I'm having a difficult time processing my feelings into words. I just got home a little bit ago from my first post-surgery dance class 👯👯 and feel so inspired to keep dancing again! This morning before class I was definitely feeling the anxiety as I searched through the bottom of my dresser drawer for my dance belt and ballet slippers. As I saw my bag full of hibernating dance clothes that are much tighter than the clothes that I've been wearing I had that moment of deciding whether I cared what I looked like today or not. As in that whole worrying what other people think of your fashion choices thing... (Something I was at least able to come to terms with before class and not during...) But for a moment I was definitely having second thoughts on if I felt ready for class or not, and needed to snap out of it and just put on the tights [and make a good breakfast].

I hoping this whole self-conscience moment goes away soon. 🐒

I can already tell that the hard part about this stage of my rehab isn't going to be taking class, but instead knowing when to stop dancing. You know, that rest thing we're supposed to do.

ya know, just getting ready for ballet like i do...

In class, I was surprised to see how quickly my muscle memory was coming back. And well frankly, I thought I did quite well, even though it was difficult not to push myself too much. Plus, my left and right sides were still drastically different strengths so I just had to be patient with the second side of every exercise. During class, I tried not to pay attention to anyone but myself (except maybe for inspiration) and focus on the piano. The live music: one of my favorite parts about taking ballet... Some new habits were becoming apparent throughout class, and thankfully some new habit's I've been working on in PT are finally showing through too!

As I now attempt to be somewhat patient in this next stage of my recovery, I so badly just want to start dancing full out again. I didn't do much after barre today except for some simple adagios (think prima ballerina moments: a.k.a. lots of still balancing on one leg with the other leg lifted up into the air as high as possible. It's so fetch). I knew that if I got too into the music I could really hurt myself at this stage and that is NOT something I want.

The goal: To attempt be cautious and careful without just being afraid.

The reality: Uhhh, when can I jump again!?

Now, icing my leg for the 4th time today, I am already feeling a bit sore from class. Luckily, I am not in too much knee pain and am more so just generally sore all over my body. [Yay Exercise!


Well, like I said in a recent youtube video, I've spent the past few months working on some choreography, and am looking forward to putting together some music videos/dance videos for you all to see. I am so so happy to be officially dancing again, and thank you for all of your support.

Have a wonderful night. 💙

<3 - Eoin Thomas


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