Yea, so I definitely took longer to edit this today than I thought I was going to... so I'm 52 minutes late now with this video (as if you were impatiently waiting).

Remember the days when you used to hang out with friends and take photos on photobooth together? 

It really is quite crazy how desensitized we all have become around the technology of photography. Something that not too long ago was actually developed. [wait, like photoshop?] I do often find myself reminiscing over memories of searching through shelve after shelve of photo envelopes at Costco to see if any of mine actually turned out good. Now, we take millions of photos being fully aware that we may only use one of them, not to mention the fact that barely anyone even prints their photos anymore...

Oh Technology...

Okay, so here it is: My take on the


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Also, do be sure to check out my friend Ben Baur's show: Hunting Season  [ If you are in need of a new comedy series to binge. 💁]  The show is based on the painfully truthful blog of Alex, aka Ben, a single gay 20-something in Manhattan who is a blogger by day who then turns the spotlight on himself and his friends by starting to write anonymously about his social life. Naturally, this all happens to be based on an actual blog titled The Great Cock Hunt [ 🙉🙈clearly NSFW ]  which was soon after made into a book in 2008. 

Personally, I've only seen a few scenes of Season 1, and though I must say there's definitely some quality soft core porn [ wait, is it soft core if you see peen? ] I imagine it to be somewhat of a modern day Carrie Bradshaw moment. And we should all know by now that I love me some Sex and the City marathons. *must. stop. re-watching. the same. episodes.* So, I should definitely give it a shot... but what I can say is that I have seen some fabulous acting from someone that I am proud to call my friend. 

Keep up the great work Ben; I believe this is only the beginning of your awesome career and hope that someday soon our acting lives cross paths. :) Plus, the New York Times liked you too, so that's always nice...


P.S. If you live in New York and are a fangirl of the show, make sure to head to Therapy on Tuesday, May 13th for their viewing party of the first and second episodes of the second season! It's from 8PM-10PM and comes complete with drink specials, cast member eye candy, and you know, well, ME! 😜


And now, being that it is a minute away from 1 AM, it is time for bed for Eoin. [Yep, always a sign of insanity when he starts talking in the third person...] I hope you have an energizing weekend and do something that makes you happy.

With Love,

<3 - Eoin Thomas


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