Pictures and Pitchers.

Well I may or may not have been blogging while there was a blender going with another batch of margaritas last night ... and then failed to finish anymore than this... So clearly, it was an amazing cinco de mayo...

Wait, when is Cinco de Mayo again?

😝 Even though my allergies have definitely been acting up way more than usual this week [yay getting older and our body's changing...] it's been a wonderful week of finally being able to get outdoors again. And well, it's time for the AC to be installed I think...

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 Monday, I spent the morning on a photoshoot in central park with the awesomely talented @nirslakman. And having never really been to the park that early in the morning before, it was really nice to be surrounded by lots of active people up and about early in the day. What?! People being active in the morning?! Crazy, I know...

As the sun began to rise we were able to find the magic hour lighting we were looking for where I then realized that me posing in the woods can very easily make me look like I'm a 12 year old. 😝so that's always great...? haha What I mean to say as that it was funny to look at some of the photos we took and see something that I didn't think I looked like at all. 

Modeling is always just so interesting because it is more of a conversation between the photographer and the model than most would expect. It can sometimes be hard as the model to understand what's in the frame, or what they are looking for, and then there's a lot that is totally up to you to create a certain look for the shot without making it seemed forced. But the shot where the model looks the best might be one where a leaf fell right in front of the lens making the final product blurry and well, a dud. Even just making sure some random New Yorker isn't photobombing in the background, you know, all of these things we just assume doesn't happen when there's a real photographer. But no, there are definitely always outtakes and the perfect photo will happen to be the one that I blinked in and that process is just a constant and fun give and take between two artists. :) Well, some day soon you'll get to see these photos for yourself and you can give me your feedback. :P

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On Tuesday, the 5th of May, I hung out with my friend @MattZanFagna who is an actor, casting director and all around great guy who just happppens to work at Ma Pêche too! Which if you know nothing about is decadent little swanky bar/ice cream shop/dim sum upscale restaurant deliciousness in upper midtown. So, in celebration of cinco de mayo we took advantage of their $5 happy hour ( 4:30-6:30 PM ), a happy hour complete with snacks like soft shell crab buns and a lamb watercress pistachio salads a.k.a this Cinco de Mayo was off to a great start, and with a couple refreshing Palomas we gossiped over food service and the B-List celebrities dining below. (Sorry Tamara...)

The evening then continued with some more friends coming over and celebrating cinco de mayo in the only way one really can right?: tequila! 🍹 hehehe And while I don't mean to brag [shut up, yes you do] I do make a mean frozen margarita and it was a fun night of random music videos and games with new friends. Plus, it seems that I am finally starting to learn how to not always have 80 tequila shots, which my liver is certainly happy for.  It's especially on days like this where it can just be too easy to overindulge and it is a nice thing to start to be realizing good decisions being made. YAY.

Wait, when is Cinco de Mayo again?

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Now, Wednesday afternoon, I am looking forward to getting my haircut tomorrow night, and going to a wedding on Saturday at the brooklyn botanical gardens which I'm sure will be gorgeous. :) And well, for the rest of the evening I'm not really quite sure what will happen, but I can assure you there's a long list of things to get done. :P

I hope you had an awesome Cinco de Mayo and weren't fighting too much of a tequila hangover at work today. 

Till Next time,

<3 - Eoin Thomas



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