Moderated Merriment

Well Hi There! 👋

I am currently enjoying my second day of pasta and grilled veggies for lunch...which clearly gives you an inside look into my currently financial situation... After a lovely morning of therapy, I spent my lunch money on some art supplies that have been on the to-do list for quite some time now. Then, surprisingly enough, I was then able to resist the ever tempting salad bar at Whole Foods next door to Michaels and made my own lunch. Yay for making good financial decisions and spending my money on art!!

Now that it's beginning to feel a lot more like summer again, this can only mean one thing: Lots of Parties! And while don't get me wrong, I do love a good rooftop party. However [un]fortunately they are more often than not accompanied with a never ending free open bar that is just wayyy too tempting to overindulge in. Also, being that I've now become besties with most of the bartenders in Hell's Kitchen I'm certainly being tempted by the adversary. One bartender in particular has gotten in a joyous habit of giving me a free Fireball shot every time he see's me. [ which apparently is not the healthiest alcohol btw... ] Obviously there are worse problems to have, but it definitely time for me to get my priorities in order if I'm going to keep up with this year's social calendar... 

Oh Moderation...

Moderation is something that I'm practicing this year, and goodness it is such a joyful process... Learning to say no, or even just tricking people into thinking my soda with a twist is something stronger is something that truly takes some practice. Being that a lot of my work as an actor is networking it's not like I can just avoid going to bars altogether, but instead I have began to chose which nights are drinking nights and which are not. Currently I've been working with a "3 days of drinking per week" model, allowing myself three days each week where I can drink. (Not to be confused with me binge drinking all day for three daysI find that I am much more likely to succeed in my goals when I include my friends in them. If I go into an evening expecting to only have one drink but don't vocalize it, you know that there'll be a two-for-one drink special and of course sommmmeone in the group is more than likely to buy a round of drinks to keep the party going, and well, we all know where this night is going... 

I can't expect people to know what my goals are unless I tell them, and frankly I don't feel the need to stop them from over indulging [ unless of course they're just getting sloppy... 💁 ] because some people really do open up and become a lot more social with the help of a good martini, but I myself have just as much fun sober as I do inebriated and am excited to continue to practice saying no this summer.

That being said, day #1 of drinking this week was a gay ol' time in sheeps meadow in celebration of Memorial Day. A central park date with the boys complete with champagne, fruit, and hummus galore. It was a fun time getting to know some acquaintances better and with all of the laughing we did, my abs certainly got a good workout that day. 

And now, the moment we've all been waiting for: 

The photo montage.

Thanks to all that came out to the meadow this week! I'm excited for many more fun park days to come. 😊

Well folks, it's time to bid you farewell.

I hope that you have a wonderful rest of your evening and that your week so far has been filled with lots of laughs and love. 

Till Next Time.

<3 - Eoin Thomas


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