Just Keep Smiling.


Well if that doesn't describe my last two days, I don't know WHAT will. 💁 

This week definitely started off on the wrong foot, as I spent the past two days stuck inside (expect for a joyous trip to the Physical Therapist's office) where I attempted to do some yoga and script writing it quickly just sucked me into a black whole of ...

Do you ever have those days where you're super excited to do something when you get home, but then when you actually get home you have no desire to start working on it anymore? 

Yeah, Basically. 

So my question to you is: how do you get started?

For me, I have to find something to get me inspired. Sometimes I will listen to music or I will start to look through some old photos to help spark something artistic in me. Or sometimes I'll even just start to clean something that I've felt has inhibited me from being productive in hopes that I'll just start working again right after. However, clearly these are just things I do as an inspirational tool and not the actual act of STARTING the task. *note, there is a big difference* [ wait, did he say actual act? is that allowed? ]  For me, these things are all the foreplay for my creative endeavors and they sadly only work about half of the time...  

What is something that you do that helps get's you in the mood to work?  What's your creative viagra?  Something that helps you to do what you're dreaming of doing? 

In reality, when I'm wanting to be most effective I set a timer. I set a timer for however long I think the project is going to take and when the timer goes off, I have the option to set a timer for a break or to continue in more "work time" (ensuring that either way I continue to monitor my time usage). To this day it's really been the only way that I've found consistently works for me. Even if it feels annoying and childish [ as if I'm on a timeout or something... ] I always notice myself being more aware of when I'm not being productive when there's a timer going. As if I've decided that I'm only doing one thing at a time, and anything that comes up has to wait.

My problem really being that just when I do start to focus, that's when my real creative juices start to flow. No joke, usually right when I start to be productive that's when lot of random good ideas for music videos, characters,  and songs perfect for a good cover begin to form. Something I either have to decide is good enough to keep brainstorming on for a little bit, or to write down some basic ideas and choose to pick up later.

I'd like to say that my decisions have continued to improve over the years, but is sure does suck when you think of a good idea, and then forget it before you write it down. #theworst

So really, What do you do? What helps you to be your most productive self? let me know. :)

okay, enough of this depressing ish...

In other news, 

I've gotten cleared by my doctor to start dancing again! YAY! 👯 

And while my doctor gave me very little information besides "do only what you can tolerate..." I am excited to take dance class again! I guess I should start with something simple... hmm maybe tomorrow I'll go and take ballet!? [ oh god, I'm really nervous to be that weird person in the corner with an injury... But, I guess it's time to get over that. 😝 ] 

[ didn't I say no more depressing ISH!? ]

[ ugh, okay. ]

So in closing,

I think we all need some motivation in our lives, and for me that is usually good music. So here, enjoy the top ten songs that have gotten me through another week in 2015:

Playlist of the Week # 17

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With Lots of Love, 

<3 Eoin Thomas


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