A Blossom into Summer.

Happy Sunday!

blossoms @ the Brooklyn Botanical gardens

& a Happy Mother's Day to any Mom's out there!

This weeks weather (oh god, 90 degrees...)

This weeks weather (oh god, 90 degrees...)

Well New Yorkers, (and the non-new yorkers living vicariously through my blog) it looks like the summer heat wave in just around the corner. Yes, you better install your air conditioners while you still have the stamina. Having only installed ours in the bedroom so far I can safely say that my apartment officially feels like an oven. 

Yesterday, Gregory and I attended a co-worker's wedding at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, and while my allergies are still very angry at me for spending so much time around plants, you could not have asked for a more perfect setting for a wedding. The ceremony took place underneath these gorgeous rows of cherry blossoms. During the service petals would begin to romantically drop from overhead at the most perfect moments. 

I really did then spend pretty much all night last night choking on the insane amount of mucus my sinuses have decided to create [from standing underneath those trees I'm sure...]  so that was awesome 😝, but it was totally work  it. 

Now, it has been a day of organization. I went through my  week trying to be more clear about my goals and where I can take action. Having fallen a little bit off of  the planner bandwagon a couple weeks ago, it feels much better to be back on track. For me, I like to plan my weeks out in advance and keep notes on what I eat and do along the way. Journaling and note taking has always helped me to remember more details about my life by being able to quickly look back and be reminded of awesome memories and even days weren't as successful. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it - right? 

Though clearly May is not the usual the time of year to be buying planners, I will say that my planner is the best planner ever and I HIGHLY recommend it for your next one. If you're someone that likes to stay organized that is... check out Passion Planners.

And well since it is almost time for dinner, I shall bid you farewell with the hope that you have a wonderful rest of you Sunday evening. 

Oh and P.S. 


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<3 - Eoin Thomas