Wacky Wednesdays

So, Can We Just Pretend Today is Wednesday?

is that a thing?

haha but Really, Yesterday was a long day spent shooting my video for this week. You know, I eventually hope to catch up with myself and start to plan out some videos farther in advance. It has been difficult going from doing nothing all winter with my knee surgery right to keeping a deadline with myself. And while it is just as fun to make it happen, it is certainly such a learning process. Ah yes, that lovely process again. Something that if you start to talk about too much it's suddenly either gloating or self-deprecating... It is difficult to hold myself accountable while keeping it positive, so it has been good for me to start getting out of the house and back into real life. Something I always say I'm going to do more of is create art, and I simply do not set aside enough time to do it. So, for 2015 I'm doing it! As I begin to function again without too much pain, I am excited to add back into my life things that inspire and drive me to keep creating art.  

Last night, me and my friend Justin went to a fun drag show in the west village at the Red Room. It was titled I'VE BEEN TO SEA BEFORE, so one can assume there was going to be a good semen joke or two, as well as countless my little mermaid references. And there was both. :P It was a cabaret with some familiar stories told in a different way, each paired with their own song. A fun night all around. The space was cute and intimate and the show had just enough audience participation to keep you engaged without feeling too harassed. And while there was one two many ballad's for my taste, I would definitely recommend it. :) Thanks for a great show Salty Brine! I applaud anyone that can put together their own show, and keep people smiling. 

And well, now I really need to get back to editing my video for you tomorrow, so I hope you have a spectacular rest of your day. 

<3 - Eoin Thomas



OMG did you see that they changed my EMOJI in the new Apple OS update?! Really, they just changed my hairstyle ...  and I don't love it... ugh, and just when I had publicly thanked them too... this is truly a rough day.