It feels as though this week went by rather quickly! It's been a busy week getting back into the swing of things and yesterday I even took my first public transit all by myself! lol So fun, right? 

It is fun. It's nice to be outside and be able to start to enjoy spring. I'm excited to see the trees in central park blossom and flourish in the next coming weeks. A place that will of course soon be filled with picnics and concealed champagne bottles, no doubt. ahhhhh nature. This week, in between physical therapy I filmed and edited another video for you to see. :) A play on one of Connor Franta's latest videos. And well, before I give too much away, let's watch:

The Emoji Challenge

(P.S. Make sure to watch it in 1080p.)

hehehe I hope you enjoyed it. :) This video was fun to make and frankly hard to pick only 5! :P

Plus, Leaf was originally a character me and my friend Justine made up back in ... oh.... middle school?? So it was fun to finally make his internet debut!. Traditionally, Leaf wears a full latex body suit while he does his stretches... but I figured this would do for today's purposes. 

✌️👱 If you have any suggestions and/or ideas for my next video, I'd love to hear them. 

And as always, if you care to share this video with a friend I'd love that too. <3

Okay, Okay...

Here's to my last day as twenty-five year old!


<3 - Eoin Thomas