A Wonderful Wednesday

Well today certainly was a fabulous Wednesday in New York. The weather today was just the  pure essence of springtime. So of course, I spent most of the day inside sweating away while I filmed another youtube video...Yay scheduling! :P

It was a another fun day of filming with the fabulous Maria. We still have more to film for this video, but I am excited for you to see it sommmme day soon. 😄

Later in the afternoon, I did finally get to escape and run some errands around manhattan. Though why I decided to do this trek during rush hour traffic, I will never know... Walking anywhere near times square after 4:30 PM this time of year is a black hole of transients and selfie sticksdooooo it. that you do not want to get caught in. I was legit stoped on the street in true bumper-to-bumper fashion [butt to butt? no that's not right...] waiting to get past the Disney store, which yes, yet again, was under construction... Whatever, truthfully it was all worth it just to walk around with the sunset reflecting onto all the buildings around me, but I could have done without the hundereds of people rushing around me. Thank god for my headphones.

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As I walked back home after picking up my new headshot prints, I stopped by Bryant Park to enjoy some more fresh air.

Bryant park: a nice little oasis inside a circle [square?] of highrises. And in the shadow of the public library, a pubescent and untouched grassy lawn awaits summer's return. With couples and new friends lining the wooden chairs surrounding the perimeter of the empt lawn, you could smell the anticipation for the freedom of summer.

It is true, summer is right around the corner and it is one of those amazing and rare years where we actually have a SPRING. Do NOT let it pass you by! - Make sure to walk outside more during your commutes and get some good ol' vitamin D before it gets to sweaty outisde! 

Oh, and don't forget to Look Up.

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Well folks, it is that time of the evening. I have another audition tomorrow, more PT in the morning, oh and about one thousand other things to do, so... it's is bed time for Mr. Sharkey. I hope you had a great Wednesday and continue to have an awesome rest of your week. 

See ya Friday. <3

<3 - Eoin Thomas


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