Happy Monday

Hey Girl Hey!

Today, I went to my first audition in 2015! hehe tis exciting to finally have the first one out of the way. It was a vocal audition in which, for those who have never been, I basically walked into a room with 10-14 silent people sitting behind tables, and then sang 10 bars of a song. Usually there's only 3-4 people in the room, however this was a casting for multiple productions at once. I will admit, it was definitely a nerve-racking first audition but generally I felt pretty good about it. :) 

Oh the life of an actor: 

  1. To wait around forever in a waiting room till your name is called. (Present!)
  2. To wait in line in an awkwardly small hallway where you pretend not to judge everyone else's voice calibre and song choices. (I sang This Nearly Was Mine.)
  3. To then attempt to instantaneously perform your highest quality performance with an accompanist you've never sang with before. (Oh wait, that's what key this is in?)
  4. To then walk out having no idea if you were even right for any roles they were looking for. (Wait, did I remember to say my name?)

It really is such a fun challenge, this whole acting thing. Auditions are a world of their own. And even though I felt a little bit more nervous than I was expecting today, I know that it will all go away once I get a few more auditions under my belt. Plus either way, it was not a bad morning. I got to get out of the house and sing, and who knows, I may even get a job out of it! :)


After Lunch,

I met up with some actor/dancer/massage therapist friends of mine and we ventured over to Central Park for our 2015 Sheep's Meadow debut. (A giant "lawn" that 20-30 somethings often come to to enjoy wine coolers and perfect mediocre gymnastic moves.) It was a cute moment with some strawberries, hummus, and white wine filled with lots of laughs. Even though for most of the time we sat there with goosebumps, we were determined to enjoy the fast approaching promise of warmer weather. 


Now, as I get ready for bed I am going through my schedule for the week trying to finalize my plans. With another audition on the books for Thursday, and a couple friends visiting from out of town, the week is starting to fill up. :) Awe Springtime. :)

Well, like I said, it's time for bed for me but

I hope you had an awesome start to your week.

Goodnight World.

<3 - Eoin Thomas



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