Happy Monday :: PLOTW #16

Well hello! πŸ‘‹

Yes, it's true, I need a pedicure. 🍸

I know I have about five seconds to write something before some friends get here for dinner, and by dinner I mean, we'll be making drinks and ordering deliver Thai food, so basically the best night ever!? 😝 

It's been a busy day of cleaning the apartment and looking through castings. It has been fun to start this process again of looking for work as an actor as it really is just learning how to constantly be marketing yourself and following up with all these different auditions, which can be time consuming and instantly stressful if the projects have multiple stages to their application process (which they all do). Like I said, it is just fun to start to work in the creative world again [besides craft night of course]. 


So Dinner was fabulous,

and as I am enjoying listening to some new music I thought it would be a good time to make this week's Playlist of the Week:

I find it always difficult to find new music, so I make it a point to go in search of new music or artists that I haven't heard from in a while every week. Then, I usually listen to the same music throughout the week and then start to rotate in new songs as the tracks get boring. So long story short, here, enjoy some new[ish] music that I'm listening to right now:

Follow me to see what I'm listening to. :)

And while I know that this week's playlist might be a little bit too dancy or trancy for you personally, I enjoy it because it's great to listen to when you're trying to get something done and don't want to be too distracted by the lyrics. ☺️ Though, maybe I should do a themed playlist or somethng sometime!? Let me know if you have any ideas in the comment section below! :) 

Also, if you're ever on vine [a strange but fun social platform if you ask me...] I've recently been using it more, so you should totes go add me. 😜

Okay okay, enough for tonight. It's time to relax at watch some pineapple express and pass out. ;)

Have a wonderful evening.

<3 - Eoin Thomas



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