Workout Wednesday

(credit to whomever was the amazing individual who made this.)


I can't.

So that was me this morning. I did much better than yesterday and woke up right when my alarm went off. I drank some water, went to the bathroom and innocently went back into bed to check my e-mail. Yep, in case you haven't guessed it already, I fell asleep again sans the help from any alarm and woke up around noon. Lovely

At that point, what's done is done right? I brewed up some iced yerbe mate and began my morning physical therapy exercises which surprisingly turned into a pretty good home work out. :) And by workout, you have to remember that I am still very much in recovery from my surgery, and even the simplest exercises are still pretty silly looking. We as humans can so easily take for granted being able bend our legs until we can't do it anymore. It is really difficult to do these exercises on my own at home when they really are still quite difficult. 

PT. ✔️

looking forward to actually having abs again soon.

Now, after rehearsing some new music I'm working on it's time to unwind with some Sex and the City (Season 3 - Episode 8, the one right after Charlotte meet's Trey to be exact. :P) and a peanut butter almond milkshake before bed. 

I hope that you get some good sleep and please, let us ALL wake up tomorrow and have amazing Thursday.



<3  - Eoin Thomas