April Fools

I guess I was supposed to start This with a joke first wasn't I? 

I do always love seeing what different companies do with April Fool's Day. Moo.com was the only one that was actually able to fool me with their new scented business cards I got an email for. Something I will say I am a bit sad to hear was a prank really... Tumblr.com followed at a close second with its unveiling of Executive Suite 2016 complete with "Copy" the annoying fax machine that proved to be just as intrusive as Clippy. Oh clippy... I always liked the little dog myself. Ooh or the old Merlin-y wizard character, he was fun too. Does anyone even know what I'm talking about? This all brings back so many memories of playing around with Microsoft Picture-It, and old versions of Office. 

Of course now that I've said this, I also just found out that Google Maps turned cities into Pac Man games. Though, for some reason I can only get it to work on my phone and not my computer. LAME

I think more business should make a point to do something awesome and fun for April Fools Day because, well, why the heck not?! Did you get fooled by anyone yesterday? :)

I myself spent most of this morning and afternoon filming a youtube video I'm working on for this Friday! Right in the middle of recording my camera batteries all died at the same time (one was on the charger already but had not fully charged yet) so I had to wait around for it to charge until I could finish. That was annoying. Other than that, my day went pretty well. It's definitely not as much fun to make videos just by myself, but it's a good thing for me to work on I think. :) It is fun that in this process of filming and editing my own work, I'm beginning figure out what works and what doesn't work along the way. Ahhhh the process..... Anyway, I'm excited for you to see what I worked on for Friday. :-P

Until then, here's some photos I took in between takes to tide you over:

And Now, it is time for bed.

Sweet Dreams.


<3 - Eoin Thomas