Big News - Coming Soon!

Hi there!

Today has been one of those days that went by way faster than I was wanting to. 

I've spent the last few hours editing some audio I'm working on and it took forever to get it to sound the way I wanted it to. And of course listening to it again now, I'm not even sure if I like it, >.< So, I think you can understand how my day feels long... :P but oh well, it feels good to be starting new projects either way. :)

As some of you may already know, I'm working on starting a youtube channel which I am super excited to launch very soon. I have just finished with editing a short trailer and have now begun to storyboard out my first video. :P It's fun starting something new and yes, a little nerve-racking. However in my current state of hibernation, I have had lots of time of thought shower [brainstorm] about different videos. There's lot of great inspiration out there and I hope that I can compliment what's already out there and come up with some new ideas. Though I haven't really decided if I'm making weekly deadlines for myself or which day to post, I am sure it will all get figured out soon enough.  :P

Regardless, I am excited and ready to start something a little new for me. Something that I hope can help me to become a better artist and serve as a vehicle for my endeavors coming soon. I plan to do lots of different things on my channel including talking about my day to day life and activities as an actor and yoga teacher in New York, as well as to create some new material such as dances, songs, or skits. Who even knows, the possibilities are endless right?

Till Friday,

Have a great night.

<3 - Eoin Sharkey


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