Recovery Day 77

Happy Monday World!

I am totally watching the #BieberRoast right now, and I will say that it is actually quite good. I'm definitely picky about my comedy, but when you combine Justin Bieber, Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg I just can't help but watch. :P Natasha Leggero was totes my favorite though.

In real news, today I went to the doctor for my week 10/11 check up! It was another quick appointment and the doctor says that my knee is now entering STAGE THREE where my leg is now functioning perfectly, but still very weak. So building quad strength is the name of the game. I've been cleared to start doing light yoga, and upper body strengthening, and am basically being told to "listen to my body" and not do anything that's painful. Oh wow. Well that's simple!  [Super helpful, yes. glad I'm paying thousands of dollars to hear this wise information... lol] Once my quad strength increases  I am told my leg will start to feel much more comfortable walking around. 

I still am about six or seven weeks away from being able to start dancing again and while I'll be honest, I've gotten really good at doing some fuetés on my left leg (don't worry, I'm safe). lol  I SOOO badly just want to dance for real again. I've started working on writing out some music video ideas and choreography and it is interesting to be forced to be organized and write my ideas down, and even have the opportunity to plan things out for the future...but it would be much easier if I could just dance.

Just Dance, it'll be okay. 

Sing it, Gaga

Well, it's bed time for me. I have a big day of physical therapy tomorrow. Plus, I'm going to be filming my 3rd video for my youtube. hehe :) It's fun having these weekly film projects and I just can't wait till I have more energy to make them even more elaborate. All in good time...

For now, if you havent already, you should totes go watch my second video TRIVIA CHALLENGE and please, let me know if you have an idea for a video I should do next. :) 

Goodnight, World. 

<3 - Eoin Thomas