Movie Night

Good evening world 👋,

I've just watched the ever fabulous vogue wedding photoshoot scene in Sex and the City the movie, and it inspired me to write this evening's blog post. :P 

It's been a decent Wednesday. I got bubble tea and dumplings delivered for dinner, so things really can't be too bad, can they? [Taro flavored - duh] I've spent most of my day working on editing my second youtube video and it's finally starting to come along. This second video is a challenge with my friend Maria and is inspired by Tyler OakleySUP3RFRUIT and other youtubers out there who've made up random challenges and  trivia games for fun, so be excited. It was a lot of fun to make, so I hope you will enjoy watching it when it's done this Friday. :) 

Other than that, I spent the day rehearsing some new music I'm working on and trying to enjoy the sunlight through the window of my apartment. I also just realized it's officially only 10 days till my birthday. like, omg. I'm turning 26 [Yay! no more Obamacare! ...ohwait.] this year!

And you know turning 26 what that means:

Absolutely Nothing.

Birthdays are officially no longer as exciting because it's fully up to me to plan. Ugh to being an adult...

hehehe Oh, I shouldn't be too serious. Tis just a birthday! I'll have fun no matter what we do, but I really haven't figured out what I'm doing for my birthday yet, but I'm not too worried about it. I would love to see some great friends but would also love a quite night in, so I'll have let you know what happens. :P 

Now, as the countdown begins to being one step closer to my late-twenties I must get back to watching the rest of sex and the city before I go to bed. So, to get you excited about the video release on Friday, I shall leave you with these lovely photos from the day me and Maria filmed our video:

Yay decoration!

you know, just drying my pit stains...

(click to enlarge)


Have an amazing rest of your night.

<3 - Eoin Thomas