The Case of the Mondays

Almost everyone I talked to today has had a long and hectic Monday. I myself have had a bit of a headache for most of the day and late in the afternoon I realized that my physical therapy appointment was today when I thought it was for Tuesday. I never used to get headaches until about a year or two ago and they've mainly bean allergy related., so I guess it really is spring! :P Really, I'm just glad I checked my schedule today and not tomorrow. Go Team for actually using my planner! 

After I finally got my act together this morning and made a breakfast smoothie I made it to my appointment half an hour early and got to walk around a bit in the sun.



yummmmm. smoothie.

In therapy I've started working on stepping up and down, followed by lots of squats, balancing and hamstring curls. Super fun, especially when everyone is also having a case of the Mondays. ;) It was a great time - don't get me wrong - they were short staffed today, and I felt for em'. I finished off my session by biking for 3 miles, and iced my leg for 20 minutes or so. Simply,it just feels so great to start to get my heart rate elevated again. :) 

Afterwards, I couldn't resist a 2nd Lunch and got some amazing chicken meatballs and some iced cold brew from the amazing Meatball Shop. I will say that I had originally planned to attempt to wait to eat them until I got home, but got stuck in traffic and devoured most of them on the way... I then enjoyed the rest of the delicious meatballs in between belting the Book Of Mormon soundtrack  and making random vines. :P

said meatballs. :P

And now, well I've been at home working on editing my second youtube video for you! I'm excited and probably equally nervous for you to see it. :) Greg is almost home and we'll have some dinner together. 

Oh and don't think I forgot about this week's playlist of the week! 

I looked up some favorites I've been listening to on the radio lately [ what? a radio?!not realizing a lot of them were Calvin Harris... but oh well!  hehe I hope you enjoy this:

:Calvin Harris Edition:

If you like the music, give the heart below a click. :)

And while it's now past midnight and no longer Monday, I hope that no one still has a case of the Mondays. .

<3 - Eoin Thomas 

P.S. Now go watch OfficeSpace.