Recovery Day 49

Good Evening Mondayers. 

Oh em gee, look! I'm standing (Almost).

I hope that the start of your week has been going well. It was a fun weekend for me of getting out in the snow a bit for a Sunday brunch with the boys. Plus, I even walked all the way down our street on the way there with only one crunch!! lol -  I am currently walking walking deadthly slow, and it is super awesome. [yeah, that's a thing.]  It does feel great to get outside, and as my leg starts to get stronger I will be able to handle farther distances. Hitting up a local spot named Vinyl this Sunday, I got a delicious order of chicken and waffles. The waffle was spicy, though unfortunately was also bit small. 💁

After brunch , it began to snow much harder all throughout the day which was great to look out the window and see while I was working on editing together a trailer video. :) In between,  I watched two of my all-time favorite movies: Footloose and Pleasantville. Which, if you have not seen them, go! Please, watch them NOW. They're both a little long, but it's worth it for SJP in Footloose. Plus, the dance breakout scene with Kevin Bacon that turns into a gymnastic routine [like, is that actually him? i wonder?] and the black and white makeup scene with toby, it's just so good. Really though, if you haven't seen them, they are a must to add to your movie list. hehe 

This week is now one of the first weeks where I need to start planning things out a little bit more, and as you can see I'm also a little behind. Oops! But you know what? I'm okay with it. It feels good to simply be accomplishing things. I'm learning to set better deadlines for my own projects. I Know that from here on out,  I need to get up and walk around a little more and begin "normal life" again. It is going to be equally rejuvenating and tiring, I'm sure. Today, my friend Derek and I went to the bank. Being that it is only two blocks away from my apartment, it seemed like a good first destination. We probably had to stop 3 times on the way there, and 2 times on the way back? Maybe more with stop lights.... I won't say that it wasn't frustrating walking two blocks legitimately one step at a time. It was nice to hear some words of encouragement. Not many, but 3-4 people made an effort to be patient with how slow I was walking and give their love. Many additional people I'm sure got stuck behind me without even realizing I was using a crutch at first too busy walking madly through the street. It's as if we were playing a wicked game of  I Wonder If They're Going To Look Up And Move Out Of The Way? - slightly terrifying. 

With all said and done, today was enlightening. Learning how quick our body can both learn and unlearn. Without trying to get any more etherial, it's nice to slow down and look up, but when you start to walk a little faster but don't realize it, you're body isn't going to be strong enough and you're going to fall and hurt yourself.  JUST P.S There was only really one step today that was a little bit painful, but nothing that seemed to be of worry afterwards. :) Pain is a little bit higher than normal now, but my swelling has gone down too. :D 

Pretty much that's the show here in Manhattan. I hope you have some good plans for your midnight.

And with only 30 minutes to spare till the end of Monday, I bid to you:

yay weight- bearing!

Look Ma' [One] Hand!



<3- Eoin Thomas