A busy day after St Patrick's Day

Okay okay, it's not the day after St. Patrick's day. In fact, it's not even Wednesday! lol this week was just one of those weeks that I had such a hard time starting anything!  

Right when I was starting to feel like I was getting some momentum in my day with editing my second youtube video, I then realized it was almost time for dinner and still had half-folded laundry all over my living room. Being that my friend was about come over for dinner and a movie night, it was time to stop what I was doing and clean up. Does this ever happen to anyone else? Right when you get in the mood to be productive, 5 other things pop into your head that also need to be done? It can be so aggravating to have to stop doing what you've been wanting to do all day and just prioritize... And it's even worse when your intentions were so good too.

I just think that Eoin was a little overambitious starting with doing a weekly video. [I mean, didn't I say I was going to start slow?] :P Being that I'm still using iMovie, putting together the second video is proving to be much more difficult than I had planned for...

**Ooh Look, it's snowing!

St Patrick's day was super fun... Oh wait. I got stuck in lovely traffic on the way to physical therapy, where I basically paid for a $35 columbus circle cab tour. (I never actually made it to PT due to the insane amount of traffic from the parade. >.<) Luckily, I was in one of those nice boxy cabs with a full moon roof, but of course the driver insisted on continuing to tell me about this drunk woman peeing in the middle of the street just before he picked me up even when I turned off the intercom... 

All in all, it's been a great week. On Wednesday, me and my amazing friend Madeline made dinner. We roasted some broccoli, carrots and cauliflower with some pesto marinated chicken and rice.  For dessert, I made some delicious vegan black been brownies. It was my first attempt at this recipe so I will say that I have not perfected it quite yet, but am excited to share a recipe with you soon! :-P We then continued the night with some Netflix masterpieces and black sugar exfoliating face masks, a pretty splendid Wednesday night if you ask me. Much deserved.

So in closing, it is true, you will have to wait in anticipation another week for my second youtube video and I will instead leave you with this fantastic photo series of me riding around in a cab. :P

You're Welcome❄️

Have a great day.

<3 - Eoin Thomas



Thanks for reading this. :)