First Night Out

Happy Monday Everyone!

Knee brace chique.

I just returned from a delicious dinner with a good friend of ours and am now about to ice my knee some before bed ( & tbh probs just binge-watch some more unbreakable kimmy schmidt ). It was a nice dinner and my first time going out to dinner since my surgery, so that was fun. I get the feeling there's going to be a lot of "firsts" coming into my life again... I had the branzino with broccoli rabe and roasted potatoes. It was tasty.

This weekend, I also attended my first social gathering. Being that I'm still not drinking any alcohol I will admit I was a bit nervous to go out into the social world again. I also knew that I would only know about 5-6 people in the room, so I'd have to start talking to random strangers about my life, which is always so joyous.  There's plenty to talk about when you've just had an injury, but in reality people often just want to tell me about their own injuries. A clearly overly-inebriated woman introduces herself by yelling out  "So what did you do to your leg?" 

What did I DO to it?

It's like asking someone, so why did you break your leg when you fell from that ladder? An inappropriate first question where someone is essentially blaming me for my injury which, does not feel great P.S.. 

The woman did proceed to then tell me her stories of multiple ACL injuries and surgeries and how she'll probably need more. And I asked, and I listened, and tried to make it about her and not me. I was stuck having to explain "Wait, so what exactly was wrong with you?" over and over again throughout the rest of the night. [Which BTW, I swear, I will make into a video once I can walk better. :P]  She wasn't all bad, but definitely had no sense of boundary. All in all, I had a great time. My friends that I did know were quick to move on from asking about what was and were super supportive on what's happening now.

Over the weekend I worked at home writing out some choreography for some different music video concepts I have been thinking about. I then began to edit some music for them. I've got lots of ideas for different pieces, and am excited to bring them all to life. 

I also started to look at casting listings again since pretty soon I'm going to be well enough to be able to attend a singing or acting audition. So many fun things to come!

And so, I thought I'd leave this evening with something I haven't done in a while. [Frankly, because there hasn't been that much good new music lately in my opinion.] I have found it hard to find new songs I enjoy for more than a few days. And while their may be a few questionable ones in here, I give to you: a Playlist of the Week:


Playlist of the Week # 14

Have an amazing evening. 

<3 - Eoin Thomas


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