Happy Friday!  

Spring is right around the corner and I am definitely starting to get excited for more sun.   

Yesterday, I ventured outside my apartment to columbus circle after my physical therapy appointment and got to enjoy some lovely fresh air. After about 8 blocks I started to get a little sore but in general standing upright is starting to feel much more normal again. Yay! Later in the day, I was of course super tired and exhausted from doing a some more rigorous exercises to the Physical Therapy. We are now starting to do some one legged balancing and I am beginning to see a good glimps of moving around like a real human, even though I still keep walking with completely straight legs. I assume eventually I'll figure this stuff out...

So naturally, I spent the rest of the afternoon yesterday trying to force myself to finish the editing of my first video, and that became a hot mess real quick. 

If you remember back to when I filmed my video, I found out that my camera had a two minute limit for video recording. (Thankfully the new SD card has arrived btw!) Well, let's just say that It has made editing the video a little more difficult than I thought it would be... But THANKFULLY, thanks to you! I have strived to keep my word of releasing it on Friday. :)

So, in case you didn't guess what this was all leading up to...

I made a video one day cause I was bored.

Here, check it out:

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Now, to celebrate. 

Happy Friday.

<3 - Eoin Thomas  


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