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Happy Wednesday Evening Internets!

I hope your day has gone well! In New York it is finally starting to feel like spring again and it is indeed quite magical. It is getting to that point where the heat systems are still pumping full blast even when it's the perfect temperature with the windows wide open. (Really good for global warming I presume...) I myself, still being more or less stuck inside my apartment, got to enjoy some great people watching looking out on to 8th avenue today. You can see the jackets starting to get lighter and the boots going back into closets.

I am excited to start wearing more color this spring and cannot wait to get outside more. It has been weird not being able to leave the apartment much very during my recovery because there's not much need to get dressed in more than work out shorts and a shirt unless someone is coming over (which has not been very often...). It's one of those moments in my life that I should just enjoy, and truly I'm happy to spend most of my days being lazy and lounging around but enough is enough! :-P As I begin the inevitable return back to walking again it is difficult to get excited about having to start to wear pants again and even someday deal with the lovely turn-styles in the New York City subways. (Oh god, please no.) I feel out of practice with maintaining a demanding schedule and interacting with people in a rush and still have no real comfortable sitting position in which I can get anything done in. Transitioning from being basically bedridden for 6 weeks [Going on 8 weeks now since my surgery] is not the easiest thing in the world. Just P.S. 

However, it was a great day of productivity in my apartment today. :) My friend Maria and I filmed my second youtube video this morning! And while I shan't be sharing too much information about it with you because well, DUH I want you to actually watch it! I can say that we had a blast filming it and I think you're going to love it.  Thanks Maria! <3 I watched some of the footage later and am looking forward to editing it for you next week. 

I am learning more each time I get in front of the camera and have a lot of great ideas for future videos in the works. :) In all honesty, it just feels great to have an idea to do something and then see it through. Through the past eight weeks it has felt like I haven't been able to get much of anything done and even though I have a pretty good excuse to rest and relax, being productive feels pretty good too. :) 

So wait, when's your first video coming out?


Be excited. I am certainly a little nervous to post my first video, but that's mainly just because I'm not done with editing it yet. :P It's going to be fun. If you haven't watched my trailer yet, then go and watch it here to get a better taste of what you can expect from my youtube channel. After that I think I'll continue keeping posting new blogs on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and post new youtube videos every Friday? A weekly goal sounds like a pretty fun project right?

Hehe and with that folks,

Have an amazing rest of your Wednesday night.

Give lots of Hugs. Smile Big. & Look Up.

<3 - Eoin Thomas


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