Recovery Day 46 - Walking!

with a crutch of course. 💁

We Have Landing.

Hi internets! This morning I went to the doctor's office for my 6-week checkup, and I finally got the okay to start weight-bearing on my right leg again! Yay. It feels super weird and tingly to be walking on my leg again especially since my foot is still swollen. Plus, I don't really trust my body yet. Luckily, today I had another session with my physical therapist today and we walked from one end of the room to the other a few times with just one crutch. I kept asking questions like should I be bending my leg when I walk? as though I've forgotten how, though truly my muscles have forgotten and these jello legs of mine have got to completely relearn how to walk. 

After walking back and forth, I did some "mini-squats" and toe raises, and then finished with calve stretches. I was apprehensive towards doing the squats but knew if my doctors say I'm ready, it's time to start listening. For now, I'm told not walk more than a few blocks without being at a place where I could rest, so maybe me and Greg will even be able to have an exciting excursion around the block this weekend. WHO KNOWS. :P I wish there was a good movie out right now besides the oscar noms. Which of course I still need to watch, but feel that renting it at home is the best bet there...


Like I said, I'm still a bit nervous to move too much too soon. I'm hoping that the swelling of my knee will continue to go down and make walking less weird feeling. And while I have no real desire to use the elliptical or stationary bike, my doctor says I could start using one slowly if I wanted to, so perhaps I'll join Greg at the gym SOME day soon, but this part of the journey is going to be taken one step at a time. [I couldn't be more literal]

Other than my leg drama, there's of course been that dumb dress thing that everyone is talking about. [ #THE DRESS] First of all, I hate discussions about color because some people have very different senses of colors. And some people are just more educated in color... *insert quote from mean girls* and when did it become okay for one person to be the boss of everybody, huh?! because that's not what Rome is about! We should totally just STAB CAESAR.

Basically, if my options are black and blue or gold and white, the dress is black and blue. In truth, black is not an option in the photo as the dress is clearly an off black greenish brownish poop color mixed with a blue that most people are not going to see because of the lighting. And really, I would call it a periwinkle or something if we're actually getting specific... so let's just be done with this one and let people have their color mind trick... Stab Caesar. 

(P.S. Definitely had to double check I spelled Caesar right...)

Well, and now I need to go and hobble around to clean up the apartment a little before my friend comes over to cut my hair and play Mario Kart. a.k.a. A pretty perfect Friday night if you ask me!? I hope you have a wonderful rest of your evening and I look forward to talking [typing?] with you Monday! 


Happy Friday.

<3 - Eoin Thomas


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