Wednesday - Black and White Series Finale

Why Hello there!

I hope that your week is going well. :) I am currently enjoying listening to some music after singing for the past hour or so. It feels great finally having enough energy to sing since my knee surgery. I sang all of my favorites and then started to look through my music to find something new to work on. I have a lot of songs that I need to pick through and find the first to make into a music video for y'all! Hmmmmm maybe I'll have you help me decide which song you like more.... For now, it'll be my little secret.

Other than that, today has been a great day of not much going on. I have done my morning and afternoon PT exercises and they are finally taking away the lovely CPM machine tomorrow and it is like a weight of my [knee]. With my doctor's appointment scheduled for Friday where I should get the okay to start weight-bearing, I am simply excited to see what the doctor says. Both my hips and knees have been popping a lot more in the past week and my knee is super itchy. Of course, these are all good signs that things are improving and it means that my scars are healing and that my synovial fluid is starting to move freely in my knee joint. Yay!

Once the doctor gives the okay, I'll start to use crutches to only partially put weight on my leg. Starting with about 50% to begin where I'll do different exercises liking bending and straightening my leg. Then in 4-6 week I will progress to using a cane for then another 4-6 weeks. I've been told that this next stage usually goes fast for people that do their PT homework, so I need to remember that how well I recover is up to the work I put into it. Playwork, perhaps. ;)

I actually have had a hard time remembering when I'm sitting down that my leg is injured. I'll be tapping something that's on my leg not realizing that it hurts. I'll even catch myself imagining when I stand up from the couch that I'm using both feet. It's even weirder when my foot grazes the ground slightly as I walk, it feels as though it's not attached but tingles up my leg with even the slightest touch. Clearly I'm in need of a good foot rub. Ugh, I need to go back to Thailand where food massages were $8.... Someday soon. Someday soon.

In conclusion, today is the final day of my black and white series! I hope that you enjoyed it!

Comment below if you have an ideas for another photo series! I was thinking either flowers, doodles, or... I dunno what do you think? :)

In its entirety: 

black and white series #1

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the end.

Have a Great Night

<3 - Eoin Thomas