Oscar Weekend

Well this sure was a fun weekend! The Oscars, though they proved to be the longest thing ever, were all worth it for the musical performances. The second they started to speak about The Sound of Music, I knew it was the moment we had all been waiting for.

hehehe in all seriousness, It was really fun to watch the Oscars and they always inspire me to be a better actor. Seeing all these wonderful and talented people all in one theatre ignites the fire in me to want to get there someday soon.  Plus, I definitely have a list of some oscar noms that I need to see. 

For anyone that missed the Oscars btw, here's were the final standings:

Click each title if you'd like to be directed to the movie on iTunes so that you too can watch them again and again! For real, who's down for a movie marathon with me?? 🙋

This Saturday, I pretty much had the day to myself. With Greg off running around New York  visiting with friends in from out of town I was home alone. Having now finished Friends, I was at quite a loss for something to do! :P Can anyone say stir-crazy? However, I did get to enjoy some lovely snow all throughout the day on Saturday which is quite beautiful to watch from indoors (as if I have another choice). I had one of those days where I would finally sit down to eat lunch and THEN realize one thing I needed was in the other room which then I couldn't find. Which, as you can imagine, walking back and forth with crutches is oh so fun when you can't find something. I was exhausted by the time I even got all my lunch in one place. Oh tis the life. 

My knee surgery recovery is totally at an awkward point now. My physical therapy exercises are getting more intense (standing leg lifts), but I am still not able to walk on it (till friday!). A couple of weeks ago, my leg was in so much pain that it felt pretty good to just rest it and do nothing. Now I'm starting to want to get more done, but my body is still slowing me down. Probably a good reason to just listen and slow down... I still have another week before I start weight-bearing and I definitely don't want to mess anything up before I start that. Right now it's just difficult to find a balance of rest while also starting to be more self-sufficient while I'm at home. It is a little frightening that my leg is starting to pop a lot more, which of course my doctors tell me is totally normal as mobility increases, but who is to know if I'm doing too much too quick?  Finally being able to take showers without a helper, and getting dressed and doing mindless everyday tasks things are still very much a bit of a struggle, but not impossible. I just hope that I am doing a good job of  to gauging how much stress on my body is too much. I have to listen to my body and my what my doctors say and hope its all still going well. :) (Which really, it is going well, just still sore and tired, and it freaks me out from time to time...)

But thank GOD, like I said, our couch came on Friday!!! So finally, I am able to at least sit down comfortably in someplace other than the bedroom. (Like there's so many options in NYC apartments...) The REVEAL:

A long awaited purchase that finally has arrived! Who knew that ordering a couch with the right fabric takes 8-10 weeks!? It has been really nice feeling like we actually have space to lay down and not be squished by our tiny old lumpy couch. (RIP OLD COUCH!) 

Next step, maybe finding a chair and some small tables that can compliment this ginormous beast. :P

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your Monday evening. 

To wrap up my portion of the night, here are my next two photos of my Black and White Series on instagram:

Gettin' Ready For the Oscars - posin' with my crutches like I do.

#BlackandWhiteSeries #6

S M I L E.

#BlackandWhiteSeries #7 

Go and give someone a good hug.


<3 - Eoin Thomas Sharkey