Recovery Day 39

Me in my friday's finest. 💁🐒

Happy Friday!

I hope that you have had a great week this week.  

⃪ This week, I have been pretty exhausted. I woke up 4/5 days at 4 AM and then had a difficult time falling back asleep. Usually I will sleep in a few more hours after Greg leaves, but I still have to be doing my CPM Machine 4-6 hours a day so if I sleep too long it gets difficult to fit everything into my day. During the night my knee starts to hurt from begin too still for long periods of time. If I start to do ankle circles or something my knee begins to feel much better. I miss sleeping on my side, and P.S. spending a lot of time on your back is tiresome and not so comfortable. Though, I've decided that we need a new mattress. (You're welcome, dear.I feel like I would love a Tempur-Pedic. :P

I officially survived Ash Wednesday, and this week my Physical therapy has increased to some standing exercises which feels fun to be standing again just until my foot turns purple. My standing leg feels tired and over worked. Though, good news!, in a week from today I am allowed to start putting weight on my right leg again!! :) The fun part is quickly approaching. I will have 4-6 weeks where I will then walk with one crutch to help only partially load my leg with my bodyweight. After that, there will be another 4-6 weeks where I'll be walking with a cane again. Whoohoo!

In other amazing news, our new couch comes on Today!! I could not be more excited. If you knew the state of our current couch you would understand how much the need to get rid of this lumpy mess it. I've especially destroyed it during this recovery sitting in it all the time. Mainly, I'm just exited to get a better sense of what color the fabric is so I can finally start to decorate our new apartment, you know whenever I start to walk... We had moved into this apartment quickly since our lovely landlord's granddaughter at our last place lost her apartment and needed a place to live. 💁🙈 It was the worst because we lived in this beautiful brownstone that we had planed to live in for much longer, and it was right when the lease was ending so we really couldn't do much but leave. Oh well, in reality that apartment had stairs galore and pretty much would have been impossible getting around in those first few weeks of recovery. So it all evens out.

**update!** The couch came this morning! It is beautiful. I will probably not leave the couch all day. 

I hope that you have a great Friday today.

Now, here are #3 & #4 of my Black and White Series

A #TBT #Blackandwhiteseries #3 

A favorite oldie of mine that I'm not even really sure how old it is, but I know I was at least 7 because that's when we moved into this house. I love the old TV and cable box in the background. Remember when TV's had channel dials on the face? hehe Also, that plaid couch is just lovely. :P

A More Serious look for #Blackandwhiteseries #4

Another look from the fabulous team over at dirty sugar. I had a such a great time on this shoot and definitely recommend them for whatever your photography needs are. :) 

Stay Warm, and Smile.

<3 - Eoin Thomas