Ash Wednesday

Black and White 

#Blackandwhiteseries #1

Hi there!

I hope you had a great Mardi Gras yesterday and ate lots of meat and flashed everyone that walked by you on the street. Wait, does that only work in New Orleans? 

As you probably know, today is Ash Wednesday. Better known as the 40 days leading up to Easter where a lot of people give up chocolate, or meat or even fast. Being a lutheran, and growing up spending a lot in the church I always really enjoyed this time of year. Lent has always seemed to come at an appropriate time in my life: the preemptive change of season. I was always taught that Lent is not just all about giving something up, but instead taking on a new practice for 40 days. 

I remember one year me and my sister decided to test ourselves and give up saying "like" or "um." The incentive being that every time we would say like or um we would have to put 10 cents into a jar that we would later buy food with to take to the food bank. It was um like, really difficult, and we definitely ended up donating a lot more food than we expected. Even though I still overuse both words way too much in my life, it was a fun way to test myself and my habits. 

Last year, I don't even quite remember if I did anything actually. And the year before that I gave up alcohol. Which coincidentally I guess I am doing again! I've stopped drinking alcohol since me knee surgery and I think I'm going to keep it that way for a bit. I was told by my therapist that in eastern medicine, liver problems are said to manifest in the knees. So, I figure the more health I can bring to my knees the better. Also, it has definitely been a trying time in my life with plenty of sadness and frankly I don't think adding a depressant to my body is going to help with much of anything right now. Walking with crutches is enough stumbling around for this boy. 

Over the past year I've been working to overcome my anxiety, adhd, depression, whatever you want to call these bag of tricks our minds pay on us, and be more positive. I've noticed more and more that the seasons affect my moods and I always find myself more stressed out in the winter and wanting a break. Then, when January comes around I am sucked out of the whirpool and drained of the energy to do what I've wanted to do all winter. I say this now because Lent has always been the point in the year in which I realize that I cannot sit and let myslef mope around, and instead need to chose to be proactive. Perhaps try something new for 40 days?

So, I'm going to start some different art series on my instagram and blog starting with.....the black and white series. Look forward to a different black and white photo each day, and starting now I'll be doing new blog posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

So without further adieu, here is the 2nd photo for the black and white series:

Barelona 2014

#blackandwhiteseries #2

I hope that even if you yourself do not celebrate Ash Wednesday or Lent, that you spend this season to reflect on your own goals and even set some knew ones for the upcoming months. Share you thoughts, and let's do it together. :) Till Friday,


<3 - Eoin Thomas


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