Happy Presidentine's Day

Omg, so have you listened to the new Gwen Stefani single Baby Don't Lie yet?! It's pretty fantastic, and its been on repeat for quite some time. The Kaskade remix is definitely my favorite, but the original is just as good. :)

Also, Happy Presidents Day!!

I mean, that day where most people don't actually have the day off, and all the banks are closed so you can't get much done anyway, but yay!

Wait, Presidents?

I always like to think about all of my friends whom I remember saying that they wanted to be the president of the United States one day. I wonder if is it still in their future? And not that I want to talk about politics, but I am a little bit excited to watch the presidential election coming up. I'm definitely going to make it a goal this year to be more informed about the news in addition to spend time learning about things that I want to learn about. I remember really enjoying doing math, studying vocab words, and learning french. 

So, in the spirit of learning, how about a math problem and a vocab word of the week?

Let's start with some favorites of mine: 


2X-7=Y Y-14=Z ZxY=A    X=9

What is the value of A? 



1. a quick and cheerful readiness to do something

2. promptness in response :  brisk and cheerful readiness

That of course is algebra, which I always found fun to figure out, and one of my favorite words that my amazing high school theatre teacher used to shout out to us as we'd slowly walk up to the stage. :P Being brisk and readily cheerful is a super hard thing to do. This word is very appropriate in the theatre, because at an audition it's a test of how ready you are to learn, even when things are difficult or stressful. Lately, I have been practicing to not let other people's emotions influence me (unless positive of course). I find myself taking on other people's moods when they (come in contact with me? that sounds creeepy) come in contact with me. For instance, at the cash register when someone is in a bad mood, but they're at a job where they clearly need to be quick and friendly, but are being the complete opposite, I often find myself getting equally angry and bitter. I am trying to not respond to the negativity, but instead just observing theirs, and listening.

Since my knee surgery, people have the strongest desire to tell me their advice, and to share their stories. It has been such an honor to learn more and more about my friends and students and their journey. However, I think that more often than not, people do not want to be given advice all the time. And that sometimes, it is better just to listen to what's going on. I find that when I listen, my issues don't seem so bad, and I can even start to forget about my own frustrations. Or at least know that this person has no idea what I'm going through at all. 

But, on a lighter note!

I reallly wanted to write about my valentine's day weekend. :)

Standing in front of the Love sign for the Human Rights Campaign. 

It started out with Greg surprising me with a rental car and we drove out to long island!

It was fun to escape the city for the day. I laid out in the back seat so I could keep my leg elevated. With this being only my 3rd time now leaving the apartment since January 13th, you can imagine my excitement. :) We googled some marina that had a delicious seafood restaurant and guiltfully order the fried calamari  (best decision ever) and lump crabmeat.  

I will say the waiters were a little bit too involved in the meal as 3 people would sequentially ask us how our food was, interrupting our meal. Thankfully it was in fact delicious food and I got a scrumptious shrimp and avocado salad. YUM.

Anyways, enough about food. We continued to drive around in search of our next adventure outside of the city and decided on the 1964/65 World's Fair ground. Having just recently visited the Andy Warhol Museum, where I learned that Andy and his friends would often visit the park and his photography installation of the 13 Most Wanted Men. Seemed like it might be a fun place to visit since we were already nearby.

As it began to lightly snow, we entered the fair grounds, which is an abandoned roller rink that really should get renovated and reopened in my opinion, and on the side, there's three rusted look out towers. To be honest, there's really not much left at all, but you can tell that there was lot's of character once upon a time. 

I do wish that they would have another world's fair someday soon! Though, I guess at this point we're probably supposed to assume that we're never going to be driving around in hovercrafts... I do hope that we continue to advance  technology in ways that can help us! I myself am quite interested to see what happens. :)

We continued to drive around what is now quite a cute little park surrounded with lots of small schools and churches. It begins to snow increasingly stronger as we jump out of the car for a quick little frolic in the snow and a photo with the globe fountain. It was a lot of fun just being outside. :)

The wonderful day finished with driving around the lower perimeter of manhattan and a drive by to visit some close friends with a hug. Finally, an exchange of some gifts and melt-in-your-mouth Japanese cake desserts it seemed to be a pretty successful valentine's day if I do say so myself. 

Now, it's time to finish binge watching the first season of American Horror Story, and eat dinner! 

Have a Great rest of your night!


<3 - Eoin Thomas

P.S. Comment below with the answer to the math problem, and the use of alacrity in a sentence! :-D

P.P.S. Try using alacrity in a sentence this week! :P