Recovery Day 30

Taken February 9th, 2015

Well hi there! I surely have not been finding enough time to write for more than like 10 minutes over the past few weeks so I HAD to find some time today! I will say that I am finally starting to go a little crazy from being stuck indoors all the time...

I saw my doctor for my second check up this Monday, and he says that things are looking great! It was fun to get out of the house for a second time, even if I was only really experiencing New York through the window of my Uber, it seemed pretty magical to be out of the apartment. Naturally the check in process for the appointment was longer than the visit with the doctor itself. Taking a quick look at my knee, we have decided that I still have another two weeks of non-weight-bearing ahead of me.... Whoohoo! So, T-15 days until I'm allowed to start putting weight on my right leg again!!

My physical therapy exercises have started to get more and more exciting each time. I am now able to sit on the edge of my bed almost comfortably letting my legs dangle off the edge (Something that seemed impossible 4 weeks ago). Also, I have maxed out the CPM machine at 110 degrees and am doing deeper leg bends upside down against the wall (it looks really cool, just trust me on this). In reality, physical therapy is a full time job! They are quick to hide this fact from you before surgery, but it is indeed Pain and Torture! Inevitably, if I want a full recovery it is all up to me to make it happen and that starts with getting my leg muscles strong again. I have about 12 different exercises at this point that I do two times a day. Afterwards, leaving me exhausted or in need of icing or elevation making it difficult to get much of anything done. In addition, my doctor still wants me doing 4-8 hours of the CPM to stop any chance of excess scar tissue and/or blood clots. Let's just say, that it is not the most fun laying there for two hours at a time while  a machine bends your leg 110 degrees. Go ahead, try it yourself! Lay down and bend your leg up to even and ninety degree and then back down counting from 10. Fun Fact! Bending your leg takes a lot of abdominal strength & hip control. Luckily, walking around with crutches is also proving to be a pretty good ab workout too. Oh, and a really great way to make my shoulders super sore btw. Massage anyone?

In other news, I'm now on Season 9 of Friends! :P Rachel has given birth, Pheobe has met Mike (aka Paul Rudd), and Chandler is working in Tulsa. Aka. CAN IT JUST BE SEASON 10 ALREADY?! lol The last few seasons have definitely been a little slow, and with very clear writers strikes there are just too many "recap-flashback-episodes" to handle. :P I am very excited to re-watch the much anticipated finale coming soon!

I am both excited and a little nervous for the next stage of recovery. I know it is going to be a LOT of work to get my right leg back to normal. In fact, my doctors have told me that it usually takes about a year after surgery for my leg to function like it did before... so that's a super fun number. My right leg is significantly smaller than my left at this point. My left leg is also not as flexible now since it is doing all my work for me. Again, it will be a lot of work for Eoin once he's finalIy able to start walking again... come to think of it, I should probably be enjoying theses last two weeks inside while I still have the excuse!

What else is new... Oh, I finally got a computer!  A beautiful Mac Book Pro that I am happy to say will allow me to start making some videos and music... you know whenever I get a drive so I can actually install Final Cut. :P I've got some good ideas written down, and have some exciting projects to start working on when I am able again. Really, things are only looking up from here, it is just all about being honest with how long things are going to take. Recovery takes time, and there have been and are going to be plenty of times when I'm trying to accomplish something and my body is too tired. It is important that I learn to listen to what my body is telling me and not be upset, but just rest. So I hope you'll forgive me for taking a bit of a break from writing, for as you can imagine, I just have not had the energy to do much of anything until well, right now! I look forward to writing more soon and filling you in on the lovely details of the past four weeks of my rehab. :) For now, get outside. Go Jump around, because you can. 

Have a wonderful rest of your day.


<3 -Eoin Thomas


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