Coffee Thoughts

Well I just completely burned my tongue on my Starbucks reward beverage ( today, a triple tall 1 pump toffee nut soy latte. obvi with a sprinkle of cinnamon ) … and I am just realizing I forgot headphones... Awesome. The plan? To come to Starbucks to get some writing done. The reality? I'm of course just now also realizing I forgot a pen and paper... So things aren't exactly off to a great start. 

Do you ever have those moments? When things just keep not working out the way you want, but it's clear there's not time to start over?

Being on the Issaquah Highlands, I am looking out at what must be the cloudiest sky ever. The sky is illuminated by nearby christmas lights making the sky flood with pastel pinks, blues and purples. Colors that I always find IMPOSSIBLE to capture with a camera, so you’ll just have to use your imagination... I [bravely] try to do that thing where you go to Starbucks and actually be productive. So naturally, I'm surrounded by a family of four kids and three adults all trying to take photos of themselves and their eggnog lattes. 

“We have to take it again. Lilly's eyes were closed. Over here Lilly!” 


"Lilly, look over here," she says much more patiently than I was becoming. You know, as I log onto the wifi... 

*sips more latte, takes some mediocre selfies i’ll probably never post*

*attempts to take some skyline photos to capture the blues and purples, fails.*

*realizes the table by the window is clearing*


So at this point, I’ve literally spent more time waiting for my drink and moving seats to get closer to the window ( a total of 3 times I might I add ) than I have spent working. 

Oh Holidays...

One of said selfies.

Needless to say, I am clearly having trouble finding structure on this vacation and am needing to plan through the next couple of days and decide what I want to get done vs. what we actually have time for. Because while for me going on vacation has always been a time where I try to unplug from things like email and Facebook, this has proven to be difficult when you're fully self-employed. Awe, the wonderful life of someone who works for themselves: You can have as much time off as you want, you're just not getting paid. So, in looking ahead at 2016 I'm already starting to line up and plan out some jobs. Yay planning ahead! And with a few weddings and travels on the books it's imperative I get organized sooner than later.

In fact, in writing this blog I've decided that I need to go back to writing more often. I keeeep saying to myself I'm going to write once a week, and I just keep letting it pass by... so let's go back to mon-wed-fri... [ and if i post something on thursday... don't hate me. ] <3 I mean they say it takes about a month for a new habit to form right? So seems like it's now, or never! :) 

Okay, Okay. For real, it's time to sign off and get some [other] work done now. 

I hope you're having a wonderful start to your Holiday Season.

With Love,

-Eoin Thomas