Thank Goodness I'm Flexible. 


Happy Friday Evening Everyone!

My feelings from yesterday morning would best be expressed by taking a look at my twitter feed:

I legit walked up and down the stairs with my cane one slow step at a time. 64 steps. Down and up. Down and up. And down... and for those of us not counting at home that's a total of 320 Steps (not counting walking outside which I think has got to be worth double. :P 

Finally, I went to go teach some yoga in the lower east side, where I taught some amazing yogis. Then, on my way to go visit my bestie at the Carlyle Hotel (you know, nbd) for her birthday I of course missed my bus stop and then had to walk 10 blocks and 4.5 avenues in the freezing cold. It was awesome. All of this, of course,is super good for my knee. #ohwait Regardless of the transportation issues, we had a wonderful time enjoying champagne and late night television in the comfort of our jammies and high thread counts. I need to remember to have a staycation more often. It's so nice to have at least one night in a hotel and not have to worry about cleaning up after yourself. *Note to self* Live in a hotel. 

Now back at home this lovely Friday evening, I have to say I am quite glad to be indoors where it's warm. It was another early morning for me of yoga, yoga and more yoga. I was completely unaware that it was even going to snow today and of course wore vans like the smart new yorker that I am. But whatever, I got through it and the snow really only lasted like an hour today anyway... After I taught the two morning classes I stuck around to take the 12PM, ran some errands and totes got some chipotle to satisfy my post-yoga cravings. Currently, we are crafting a hopefully delicious red curry for dinner while watching chopped while simultaneously day dreaming of the nap I probably should have taken this afternoon seeing how later on we have yet another birthday shindig to attend. 

Hmmm, maybe I should sleep... 

How about some more backbends instead?

Have a great night. 

<3 -Eoin Thomas