Hump Day!

Good Evening World,

Taken @ Disneyland Tokyo SEa -  November 10th, 2014

It is officially 6 DAYS away from my knee surgery, and I might say that I'm a getting a littttttle nervous now. Though at the same time I am quite excited to finally be out of this limbo of not being able to dance, or even walk without pain is is a little nerve-racking finalizing all these dumb insurance details. Having not really heard from my doctor about any pre-op info until today I was worried I'd have to run and get a million more things before I'm bedridden. With things falling into place, truly the end is near and things are beginning to gear up before the big day. 

What now? Well, it seems like a perfect time to line things up on the Netflix queue! :P Having already watched a few food documentaries, I'll probably not allow myself to watch too many more, but I do feel as though this is a great opportunity to learn something that I did not have the time for before... or just get caught up on Dance Moms, that works too. Basically, if anyone reading this has any good book recommendations or podcast recommendations, please leave a comment below with your suggestions. I would greatly appreciate it. :))

This morning, I woke up before the sun again and taught the early morning yoga class in the lower east side. It is always a great group in the morning because the people that show up for class truly want to be there. No one sleep walks their way to yoga in the middle of winter. No matter how tired you may be, when you make it to class it is the best accomplishment ever! In fact, the worst class we can ever have is the one where we don't show up to. ;) For all my yoga students that are just getting started in the new year: keep up the great work! Reward yourself for doing things that challenge you each day and give yourself credit regardless of what the result is. Especially at the beginning, practice love, practice patience, and most importantly just practice. The more a teacher sees you the faster they are going to be able to figure out what your body needs and in turn give you the best tools to help you progress in your practice. I will also say that with my injury, it has encouraged me to be more vocal about what's going on with my injuries with my teachers before and after class. To be honest, when I started wearing a knee brace or would tape my knee during an exercise class I started to get a lot more individual attention and help from the teacher. While that's not to say that one should just add a bedazzled knee brace to their yoga look to get attention... but know that it is definitely going to help the teacher remember who you are, trust me. :P

of course the escalator was broken and had to walk down this LOVELY flight of stairs today too. >.<

After yoga, I divulged in a delicious second breakfast of granola and dried berries and headed to the complete opposite side of the city for a voice lesson in Inwood where we continued to work on the Godspell classic "Beautiful City." Which, is indeed a beautiful song but quite a difficult one to keep interesting, as the vocals are pretty repetitive. aka. thanks David! :P But really, it is fun to work on pieces like this because it challenges me to work hard in a way that I wouldn't usually. Singing something I know I probably would never chose for a concert, but then still have to learn to nuance and connect with. Someday soon, I look forward to putting up more videos of me singing. In fact, if you have any suggestions for that too, I'd be happy to add them to the list!

Now, I am excited to say that I am in my sweats and enjoying the silence of 8th avenue as I await date night with the boy. A lovely end to this hump day and a beginning for another day tomorrow. I hope that you had a wonderful Wednesday and do something exceptional with your evening. 


<3 -Eoin Thomas


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