Oh Mondays...

Well Good Evening Mondayers!

It's been a LONG day for me that's for sure! Having spent 6 hours in a heated room teaching yoga I am quite exhausted and enjoying sitting down. **Runs and chugs some more water...**  ***ooh! And I found some blueberry coconut milk yohguert.   yougart? - however those english boys spell it... Yum!***

does anyone even remember Photo Booth?! ... as I put on a jacket. 

does anyone even remember Photo Booth?! ... as I put on a jacket. 

said yogurt::

said yogurt::


Oh right, back to work today. I taught the two morning classes @ Bikram Yoga Lower East Side and then took the 12PM class from the amazing Riji. 'Twas the first yoga class back since the Christmas holiday and the New Year, so it was nice to be back in the energy of a fresh start, and a new beginning. As to be expected with many new years resolutions, there is a surge of new yoga students around this time of year that is always so awesome to see. It is inspiring to help new students begin to learn and practice in the yoga room. Making small, achievable goals is always the best way to start. 

Especially in the cold, let it be a time to slow down and focus on what we're doing to our bodies. Having just watched both Forks Over Knives AND Fed Up (I know, I know, Food Inc. next...) I am definitely going to be more careful about where I am getting my food in 2015. Having gone almost completely off dairy for almost a year now, I can attest than when eating a diet with more plants and whole foods I feel soooo much better. I concentrate better, I have more stamina, and plus it's really expensive and time consuming...

I mean, let's be real? I would love to be buying organic, local, hand-crafted deliciousness [the technical term] from Whole Foods every day, but you might as well just pay someone to cook it for you! For instance, right now I can order delivery vegan food that is $9-14 on Seamless or you can spend an hour in line to buy $25-45 worth of organic food which may or may not even be enough for a full dinner. Sounds like a no brainer. With organic and local food being at such a high premium it makes buying it seem so unattainable and a waste of money. Really, what's the point?! No one is seeing much improvement. However, that's exactly the problem. As I learned in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle this issue isn't changing fast enough because nobody is buying organic food. Well, a small handful do but certainly not enough to make an impact on giant food corporations. By starting to increase our organic/local food spending we can provide enough need for the local farms to stay in business. Local Farms often do not have enough funding for organic certification and therefore do not sell as well to larger grocery stores as there is only so much room for produce.

So what do I do? I shop at wherever the best price is. Often Whole Foods has a lot of random small items like lemons at super high prices, where at Trader Joe's your going to be able to buy a bag of five small lemons for under $2. Now, these are not going to last as long that's for sure, so you'll need to be ready to eat them throughout the week. The joys of real food! While you shop, plan what your lunches are going to be and what your dinners are going to include. Plan to get veggies that you can reuse in multiple dishes like carrots, celery, or broccoli. Also, watch nearby grocery store's produce prices to see if a cucumber might be discounted during an off season. *Insider Tip* I always find the best avocados on random food carts on the streets of New York. :P Now, Here comes the important part: you need to buy at least [Insert a number between 3-9organic products. Start a buzz, and create a need for better quality food in your area. Purchasing more organic food will begin to create a domino effect for what is currently being carried in the grocery stores and hopefully diminishing the demand for processed foods. 

*steps off soap box*

Before work this morning (oh at 4:30am) I decided to make smoothies for Greg and me for both breakfast and lunch. The morning smoothie consisting of mainly cucumbers, banana, and celery making for a great start to the day. Continued with my lunch smoothie which was made up of what I like to call: Whatever Vegetables Are In My Fridge SmoothieTM. a.k.a. basically everything from cauliflower to zucchini. With the amount of veggies and kale I put in there, you can't call it just a snack.

I've decided that in the new year I'm going to make a concrete effort to continue to eat more and more vegetables and whole foods. I know it's going to be frustrating to limit my food intake when I eat out, but I'm going to practice being conscious of what processed foods I am putting into my body, and eliminate their consumption as much as I can. I am going to be more aware of how much sugar I am adding to my foods and practice always making sure there is enough fiber paired with it (Like Fruit!). And while right now I think its still okay to be eating animal meat, I am going to search to find new ways to get enough protein and nutrition with mainly veggies and smaller portions of meat. 

New Years Resolution? Check.

It is an exciting time for new beginnings, and here I am feeling as though December passed by quicker than I can even remember. With only 8 days now until my surgery things are getting added to the to-do list just as quickly as I can complete them. Here begins the run (or perhaps slow walk) to the next set of hurdles and I can only wait to see what this journey will help me to discover. So, what better reason to end this post with a photo montage, eh? :P


Have an awesome rest of your monday and sleep well!


<3 -Eoin Thomas


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